A Day to remember!

When was the last time you took out some time for yourself?

Talking about me, I don’t remember really. That same day to day life, targets, pressure’s and all bullshit you take on yourself!

When I leave office or I finish the work for the day, few questions create chaos in my mind!

Why am I doing this job? For whom do I do it for? Why am I even killing my happiness for? Why am I not able to give any time to myself? Why, what, for whom? Money???

Maybe Yes! But should I continue living the life in this manner? What about my dreams, what about those promises Which I made to myself?

So true!!!

From last few day’s my mind was totally disturbed!
I needed some good time where I can forget these things and enjoy!

I got a call for a meeting at Mumbai. I was chasing for this meeting from a long time! Ok good. I took leave for a day to attend this meeting. however I knew that, the meeting will not last long more than an hour!

This was it!

I made a plan, and decided to have some fun at Mumbai.

The holi was just over and a long weekend too. So I was well aware that train will be crowded like hell. Usually I don’t make any reservation while travelling to Mumbai as it is the matter of only 3 hours and I enjoy these train rides. But this time it was too much!

I boarded into that chaos. There was no possibility of getting a seat! I had to make some space and stand in the aisle. Because all the doors and lobby nearby were already full. 😂

Journey started with a honking sound of the engine. Train left the platform. I looked around, and I found a pair of beautiful eyes. She was travelling with her mother. Like me, she also had a general ticket. Luckily both of them got a seat. A lady offered them a seat! This woman booked 3 seats but one of them was absent! Lucky I must say.

Now she was sitting in front of me! She and Her mother adjusted themselves on that one seat. In the earlier part of the journey and due to morning time a lot of vendors were walking around the bogies to sell the breakfast snacks. Each time a vendor or passenger pass by, I had to make way for them. Twice my heavy bag hit her, but she was cool! (Some other girl would have beaten me for this) Then I had to look at her, with an apology in my eyes. She replied me with her beautiful smile. She said it’s OK, भीड में चलता है। I was wondered. Such good behavior of her was surprising. I was happy and took forward this complaining conversation about the crowd. Occasionally we were staring at each other. Passing smiles!

We arrived at Lonavla, the first halt. As expected some more people boarded the train. Now it was getting tough for me to stand in the same position. Due to my bag I had to adjust a little. This made me turn my face around to the opposite direction. I wish I could have at least one eye on my neck, So that I can look at her contentiously. She was so beautiful.

As I turned, I was caught in a big confusion. On the other side there was another beautiful girl sitting beside the window. This girl was looking similar to one of my friends. I looked her in confusion. I was not able to decide, whether to call her or to remain quiet.

She was enjoying the beautiful scenery of  the ghats listening to music and suddenly she noticed me. She was little surprise then. It was so crowded that I was not able to take out the phone from my pocket to message my friend to confirm it. (Later, I confirmed that it was not my friend)

Now the first girl was little anxious that I was not able to establish any kind of contact with her. Only when someone is passing by, I had a chance to turn around and look at her. She also tried to grab my attention by pretending that my bag is creating some trouble to her. I was eager to have a chat with her. So, by making some adjustments I turned around and gave a smile to her and she blushed. We were about get involved in a conversation but it was noticed by her mother. OMG! At one side there was the innocent blushed face of that girl, and beside her there was an angry face of her mother. What should I do now? I turned around as fast as I can!

Now my smiling, happy face turned into an idiot’s face. Hahaha, somehow that girl managed to divert her mother’s attention. I was like ” Hey God, why are you so cruel? You always put something When My love story is about to start! Why why why? Helpless me… So it was getting tough for both of us to communicate. By now everybody had enjoyed their breakfast, so not many of the vendors were moving around. I was not able to find any reason to turn around! And her mother was keeping an eye on both of us like she is an FBI agent.

As the train arrived at Panvel, I got a seat. My body was a little tired because of my heavy bag.  Train was a little empty now.

My seat was a row further of her’s. and however there was no chance to re establish that lost connection with her. The FBI agent was well trained, I must say. (Every Indian Mother becomes a spy or a cop when she thinks a boy is staring at her daughter)

From my seat, I was able to see that other look alike girl. However, my body was craving for some rest. So, I decided to take a nap.

At Thane that Second girl was getting off. The train. And now it was her turn to look at me suspiciously. I had  just come out of that little, but deep nap, so I had no clue what is happening around. Watching me in this condition, that look alike girl laughed at my condition before getting off the train. 

Then I remembered of that first girl. The Train was quite empty now. Oh my Love I am coming!!! I stood up and her mother was still on high alert! Hell, her mother knew where I got the seat. No chance at all. I sat down again. They were getting off at Dadar. Dadar station was approaching. Although the door was just three rows away, her mother took her to another door. Of course, To avoid me.

I saw that and ran to the door which was nearby for the final goodbye. That beautiful girl and her spy mother got off the train. I waved my hands in sorrow and She walked away with a sad smile on her face. Heyy God whyyyyy?????

She lost in the crowd and my train was back on the track. Due to heavy traffic it was late by half an hour. Hell man! Now I had some space free my legs and some time to think about what had happened! My list of unsuccessful love stories was increased with that incident. This made me laugh. Laugh hard on myself!!!

Train reached its destination. And I headed to the meeting place. Meanwhile I called my friend Kaustubh who lives in Mumbai to join me post meeting. So we can have some fun around.

As expected Meeting got over in an hour. I was now free and was waiting for Kaustubh at Churchgate. Even in those moments I got a call and I had to send some of my work to my friend! So I found a bench beside road, started my laptop and got that work done. By then Kaustubh arrived.

We both went to marine drive. I put my phone on aeroplane mode to avoid all the calls. This was the time which I wanted to enjoy. Me and Kaustubh had a long chat, cracking jokes and ofcourse clicking photos.

Marine Drive! Beautiful isn’t it!
Fun Time!

I visit Mumbai almost every month but since last few years I never had time to go and relax at my favourite Marine Drive. We were having fun time. Suddenly I thought of visiting Gateway of India. On the next moment we were in the taxi, heading towards gateway. It was almost 9 years since I had last visited the Gateway.

There was so much security around and I felt good about it. We passed the security checkups and entered into the gateway premises. Bunch of photographers were approching us get clicked by them. These photographers have a small printing machine with them. They click a photo and the very next moment you have that photo in your hand.

After refusing them kindly, it was our time to take out our phones for selfie’s.

Gateway of India!!!
One of my favorite!:)

We wanted to visit elephanta caves but time didn’t allowed us to do so. I had to catch Deccan Queen at 17.10 so we rushed back to CST. we had some snacks and a dangerous combo Juice near CST. “Kala khatta with watermelon” it was good. Recommended!👍

After a long long time I had some free time to roam around. Since last few years I am visiting many places for work. I traveled to new cities, but never had time to go and visit any famous place in that city. I always carried the burden of my work with me. So this small time gave me a much needed break and I was refreshed.

We came back to CST. Kaustubh took a local back to his place and I boarded the Deccan Queen. For the first time in my life I did the reservations. Got a window seat. Actually after the morning experience of crowd, I decide to book the seat. I booked the ticket around 13.00hrs in the noon. A lot of seats were available. I knew that train will be empty but this time I decided to travel in comfort.

I was accompanied by three mid age friends and a young boy. Train started and I clicked some selfies and gif’s. Those three musketeer’s were cool and having funny talks. I joined them and was having great time.

Onboard Deccan Queen!!!:)

I was waiting for the servant to place the order of My favorite Cheese Omelette.  After some moments my favorite snacks was in front of me. I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket.

I opened the packet and that aroma satisfied my senses. I was about to have my first bite and suddenly I experience some movement near my legs. Suddenly I felt like something heavy is on my foot. I was not getting what it is. So I waved my foot and on the next moment a Rat was in the air.

Those uncle’s, me and that boy were in shock. Somehow I managed to save my omelette from that Rat. OMG! I was unaware, that a rat was so eager to share this omelette with me. We recovered from the shock and all of us were in laugh with whatever happened. I had never seen rats on Deccan Queen. It is an ISO certificate train. I finished my omelette quickly and tweeted this matter to the official Twitter handle of #IndianRailways

Then came TC. We all cracked a lot of jokes about how a rat can board a train that too ticket less. Also passed some taunts on how TC should collect fine from rats.

Even TC spotted the rat twice while chatting with us. We all had our legs up on the seat. At Karjat help arrived. Railways sent a man from the maintenance department to look after this matter. He came to my seat with his iron stick. I said are you going to kill the rat with this stick? Don’t know whether this was funny, but on the next moment everybody around was laughing. That worker assured us that he will send a man with a rat kill at Lonavala station.

Ghat started. No spotting of rat for a while. And then that young boy  was taking a nap. I was relaxed and bought a cup of tea. OK! Everything was smooth at that moment.

As I took the first sip of my tea, that boy suddenly stood up yelling. Due to this, half of the tea spilled on my shirt.” What Happened”I shouted, he said the rat was on the seat. Ohh god every time I buy something to eat or drink, this bloody rat wants to join me!

At Lonavala, another worker came with a rat kill. We left Lonavala and rat kill seemed to be ineffective. After troubling us, rat gone to further compartments. Everybody from the our side of the bogie had their legs up on their seat. After this hilariously thrilling journey, finally we reached the destination.

Me along with those three 50+, musketeers got off at Shivaji Nagar. We didn’t asked each others names. But yes while having a goodbye, I said we don’t need an introduction now. Whenever we will see each other, we can identify each other by “that rat on Deccan Queen “.

This is the beauty of Indian Railways. You will meet a lot of new people and you ll remember them forever because of some funny incidents!

At the end of the day I came to know, how important it is to take out some time for myself.

Live your life like a human and not like a machine! Don’t forget to laugh and most important Don’t be so hard at yourself. Take everything lightly. Life is all about being happy . Cherish every little moment.



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