Travel Mode Review: Pune – Kolhapur – Pune

Pune to Kolhapur distance is 240 kms. There are multiple options available to travel on this route. MSRTC offers the cheapest of them all. Around  ₹250  for ordinary Parivartan bus. Famously known as Lal Dabba. Non stop Hirkani or Asiad services are also offered by MSRTC.

Talking about Railways, there are 5 daily and 3 weekly trains available. But due to long duration nobody prefers Railways on this route. So this blog is mainly concentrated on bus services.

Hirkani Service:

Non AC semi luxury buses. Some of them with “Push Back ” seats. The best thing about it is frequency. A bus on every half hour.

Hirkani Bus!!!

I travelled a lot on this route in last 2 months. First bus is on 5.30hrs. so if you are on one day trip this bus is the most suitable.

Duration: 5 hours minimum.

Fare: ₹340

The fare is good. Service is also good.

MSRTC also offers Shivneri service on this route. An AC Volvo and Scania service.


There are 3 trips from both ways!

Duration: 5 hours

Fare: ₹650

Its fine with duration but fare is way too high. Amenities offered is only Charging Point.

Now lets go towards Private Operators.

Konduskar, Neeta and Ghatge Patil are the most preffered operators on this route.

I had travelled With Konduskar in recent times. It was a good experience.

In my childhood days, Konduskar was a very reliable brand. Traveling with Konduskar was always considered as a royal experience. But today Konduskar have lost it’s credibility. And bad staff behaviour was also a matter of concern.

A Volvo of Konduskar!!!

Duration: 4.15 hrsFare: ₹400

The fare and duration of Neeta snd Ghatge Patil is same. Neeta offers Multi axle Volvo and Rhino buses.

Multi Axle Volvo of Neeta Travels!!! Credits: Original Photographer.

Ghatge Patil have Mercedes-Benz buses. The ratings and reviews of Ghatage Patil on redbus are better than other two. Next time I would like to travel with Ghatge Patil.

Mercedes-Benz bus of Ghatge Patil. Credits: Original Photographer!!!

Ticket Booking Platform:

I used to book my tickets for private operators. As per my experience, it is a very reliable source. Most of the Private Operators accept M-Ticket and multiple sources of digital payments are available including Paytm. So its better to go Digital and Cashless.

The best thing about redbus is that you can book the ticket even before 15 minutes of departure. It also offers an ICICI lombard insurance in ₹20 only. All the amenities which were shown on website are verified. Highly recommended one. Thumbs up for redbus.


  • MSRTC is the cheapest but time consuming.
  • Shivneri is not prefferable because of high fares. Even KSRTC Airavat offers service in ₹400.
  • Private services are cheaper & faster. 
  • Only ₹60 more than Hirkani Service and you will save 1 hour. Amenities like AC, Movie and Charging Point are also available. 
  • I am very sure that Shivneri will soon run out of this competition.
  • Hirkani service is still very good because of it’s frequency.
  • Konduskar did not have much better service. Ghatge Patil and NEETA is better.
  • I will always prefer private operators before MSRTC.
  • MSRTC have a great chance in AC bus segment on this route but due to its rigid policies, it is loosing the competition.
  • After 19.00 hrs, the frequency of MSRTC hirkani for Kolhapur to Pune is low. All other buses are for long routes. Especially Mumbai.
  • Railway is not a good option because of duration. Even the fastest train on this route takes Minimum 7 hours .
  • Redbus also offers to book MSRTC buses along with private operators. It is highly recommended to book your tickets!

So when next time you will travel on this route, consider this blog and choose your Travel Operator carefully. After all Journey is as important as the destination.

Read More about my experiences:

It’s All About Getting That Perfect Seat!!!

Note: all recommendations and conclusions are based on my own analysis and experiences.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rupali says:

    Great review. Haven’t MSRTC stopped Shivneri service on this route? In last December were told so at the booking window. We saw Kolhapur aagar shivneri bus on pune-mumbai route 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. panya219 says:

      This service is still going on but response is too bad! And they are not dependable when it comes to Shivneri on this route. So it’s good to take some private travel’s they are good!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rupali says:

        OK. Anyways we used Asiad/parivartan bus non stop and vina chalak/vahak (I am very much confused with the two words) aka vina conductor bus. Service was good for that price. It looks odd but we try to use MSRTC service as much as possible.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. panya219 says:

        yes, Asiad buses are a good option no doubt. But if we pay 60 rs. more for above mentioned luxury buses, we will get AC facility with some luxury and comfort. It is more fast and will save 1 hour. isn’t it a better deal? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Rupali says:

        Oh it is not about money, we had bad experience with konduskar and a few others in the past, so we prefer ST service. Even we travelled by shivneri on this route and it was fantastic.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. panya219 says:

        Yes, that’s right. And ST is the most safest way to travel that’s for sure.

        Liked by 1 person

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