A Movement To Save Our Heritage

Maratha Empire“, a miracle of India in 17th century. When whole India was under Mughals and other Muslim dynasties. There came an extra ordinary Man who not just challenged the Power
Of these Mighty powerful kingdoms but created his own kingdom “Swarajya“. The man who created a Heavenly Kingdom for his countrymen who were brutally harrased by foreign rulers for more than 4 centuries. A man who single handedly ended the power of these mighty empires. And that “Superman” was “THE GREAT SHIVAJI MAHARAJ“.

Statue of Shivaji Maharaj at Raigad Fort. Credits: Original Photographer

For the rest of the world he is better known as the pioneer of “Guerrilla Warfare” , yes the warfare tactics which were used by Vietnam against the most powerful American forces!
In this conquest, Shivaji Maharaj’s best friends were those mighty Sahyadri Mountains! The western ghats, its dense forests, highly difficult terrains and the faith of his countrymen! 

A 17 year old boy with his small faithful army and those friendly mountains challenged one of the most powerful kingdom of that times! Very soon that boy with his enormous courage, unbelievable leadership qualities and extra ordinary knowledge, created havoc in the minds of enemies & in the end became one of the most influenced personalities of the world history. 

Shivaji Maharaj strengthen the fortified structures of Sahyadri Mountains to establish a secured shelter for his army. These forts were the one from where he used to rule and run his kingdom. Although the history of forts in India specifically Maharashtra to nearly 1st century, but according to me the best use of these forts was done by This Clever King Shivaji Maharaj. These Sahyadri Mountains became one of the most imp. reason for the birth of one of the most famous warfare tactics, “The Guerrilla Warfare”.
Due to limited army and resources, these fortified structures on the top of the mountains helped Shivaji Maharaj to keep enemy under his check! Maratha Army was not big enough to fight on the plain or platue region against huge eny army. So he cleverly used these fortified besaltic hill tops to defeat the enemy and secure his Kingdom. He importance o these forts was at peak in 17th century.

Bastion and Fortification at Rajgad Fort! Credits: Original Photographer

After Shivaji Maharaj’s death his son The Great Sambhaji Maharaj did the same thing but he lost his life securing his Kingdom. In the difficult times of early 1700 the ship of Maratha Empire was sailed by Tarabai, the wife of one of Shivaji Maharaj’s son Rajaram. But sudden death of Mughal King Aurangzeb lead to the decline of mighty Mughal empire. This gave a chance for Marathas to regain its lost Pride and Glory. 
“The Great Bajirav Peshwe 1st” under the leaderahip of Shahu conquered more than half of India in 1740. But, due to the rise of British Power, finally Maratha empire was defeated in 1818 at Pune by Britishers. 

After the victory, Britishers immediately demolished all the important structures of Maratha empire! In which they first chose to demolish all the forts of Sahyadri Mountains which were the inspiration to all Maratha people. Since 1818, the remains of these miraculous structures went unnoticed. The structures who have experienced the Pride, Miracles, Love, Indepandance were lost in the time.

What were we people doing? Didn’t we cared? What happened to them in last 200 years? Our pride was just lost in the time and buried under the soil of faith! They secured us with their strong muscular walls and since last 200 years they were fighting alone against Stormy Winds, Heavy Rains and With the the mindset of their own people! 

Not Anymore!

Time have all the answers. And today we are here to give these Forts their lost Pride, Beauty and to repay their debt. Yes, We “Shri Shivdurg Samvardhan” started this movement to save these Historical Masterpieces. We started our work in 2009!  Rajgad, Rohida, Tikona, Tung, Dharmaveer Gad are the forts which we are currently conserving. 

Conservation work at Rohida Fort. Copyright: Shri Shivdurg Samwardhan

We were the first NGO to take the official permission from Government Authorities and apply the scientific method of conservations on these forts under the guidance of Archaeologists and Conservationists. Wether it is technical chemical processes or Documentation of the structures, we were the first ones to do it in authentic way. Today I, Personally feel proud to be attached with “Shri Shivdurg Samvardhan“. 

Clenliness of fortification at Dharmaveer Gad. Copyright: Shri Shivdurg Smvardhan

Today it is the need of time. We must revive and save these Monuments, so that our next generations ll know, how their ancestor’s fought for their own freedom. The coming generations should know the importance of the sacrifice which these people did centuries ago for the sake of our Motherland. And to letting the world know what kind of Heritage our Motherland have!

Conservation work at Rajgad Fort. Copyright: Shri Shivdurg Samvardhan
One of our Secretary ( In the Purple shirt) giving information to people visiting the fort! Location: Tikona Fort.

We just boed a seed and now it is taking shape. Today, a movement have started to save our Forts across the Maharashtra! Very soon these efforts of ours will see a huge success & very soon the top of Sahyadri’s will again wear its Crown of Glory with Pride.
A request to everyone reading this blog, if you are willing to help us by anyway, it will be our immense pleasure! Your “GOOD WISHES” will also be the best help we could ever receive!

Thank You!!!

Website: http://www.shivdurg.org

Our Blog: http://www.shrishivdurg.blogspot.in

Twitter: @shivdurg2009

Facebook: https://facebook.com/shivdurg/

21 thoughts on “A Movement To Save Our Heritage

  1. Wonderful post, and a really great job trying to do restoration as per the historical methods. I’ve seen some forts being ruined by the government by using modern concrete to build steps, etc. It makes the place lose its integrity!

    Kudos to you guys and your organisation for undertaking a very necessary task of preserving history of our nation! Cheers β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! If you are nearby Maharashtra, I would love to invite you to join in this movment. We want to spread this movment to maximum people…

        Liked by 1 person

      1. You are always Welcome! Whenever your schedule allows you, don’t forget to give a call. Number is on the website which is mentioned in the blog. Thanks! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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