Recently a Magazine covered my research story. I was really mesmerized, and it gave me a huge confidence. That is when I realized, how important, appreciation is. Especially When you are on something which is not so regular!

My Research:
My research is focused on the Mapping of Forts, in the state of Maharashtra, India. This is basically meant for the documentation of these Historical Monument. In India, History or Archaeology are the subject which are always conaidered as backward subjects. This is may be the reason, we have not documented some of our Monuments.

Most of these forts are situated in Sahyadri Mountain Range also knows as Western Ghats of India. These forts possessed a lot of importance in Medival times. Before 17th century these forts were used as a Observation Point. On 17th century The Great King “Shivaji Maharaj” used these forts and its ruggade terrain to establish his own Kingdom “The Maratha Empire”. So the different roles played by forts make them strategically important. So their location was always an important part.There cannot be any better technology than #GIS to study on this issue.

My job was to map these Monuments with GIS technology. And I also proved my Research with the help of todays technology and available historic resources. For this Me and my dear friend Mr. Vikram Aundhekar ( ) created a Research Paper and Presented it in ESRI India User Conference and won a runner up award. The comment we got from jury was surprising as they quote, ” Our Paper was innovative one and The such use of technology with History is amazing to see”. This boost up our Confidence. Thanks to Vikram as he put all his efforts and skills.

The Runner up Award.

This all started two years back, when I accidentaly came in contact with Mr. Yogesh Phatak, an Historical Monument Conservation activist attached with a NGO named “Shri Shivadurg Samvardhan”.

Mr. Yogesh Phatak took so much interest in the technology and helped me in Research by every possible way. Mr. Phatak was the one who took me to Dr. Sachin Joshi, a PHD holder on the forts. And Dr. Joshi’s excellence in history took me on the exact right path.
Even today These two people are with me and guiding me on every step. It was just impossible to do anything without these two people.

Well later on one of my friend, Asmita who is a freelance writer, find my Research interesting and write an article on me in “Citadel Magazine”. Thanks to her!

Some of the Photos of that article are below. Please do read the article.

Page no. 1

                 First Page of Article.

Page No. 2

               Second Page of Article.

Page No.3

              Third page of the Article.

Page No.4

        Fourth and Final Page of Article

I hope you guys do come to know about research!

We all want to take our research to another level forward and Conserve these Monuments which are the part of our Glorious History.

|| जय शिवराय ||



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  1. Rupali says:

    Great job. Congratulations.

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    1. panya219 says:

      Thanks a lot…

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