Countdown For Monsoon 2016

Indias Western Ghats coming to life in Monsoon

“Monsoon” the word derived from Arabic word “मौसम”. It is the reversal of winds. The Monsoon winds also known as “Trade Winds”. These winds carry Humidity and bring rain in Tropical Parts of the Earth. These winds are essential as economy of some countries depends on the performance of #Monsoon.

Since 2014, especially India is experiencing drought conditions. So all Indians are excited about Monsoon this year. The excitment becomes more intense when we read the forecast from “Indian Meterology Department” & private firms like “Skymet”.

Rise of #elnino
El Nino is a term referred to the irregular periodic heating of water in eastern tropical pacific. It affects the tropics and subtropics of the world.

Normal “Sea Surface Temperature (SST) ” in tropical eastern pacific ranges from “-0.5℃ to 0.5℃” when temperature goes over 0.5℃ it is said that #elnino conditions are occured. This heating of water affects the Monsoon. Due to excess heat the Trade winds flowing towards Indian Subcontinent become weak and lost their capacity to bring rains, so Indian Subcontinent experiences drought like conditions, where the Western South American coast experiences excess Rains and storms. During ElNino USA also experiences strong & intense storms.

When Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of eastern pacific goes down to less than -0.5℃ it is called as LaNino conditions. During LaNino the conditions become exact opposite to that ElNino. La Nino brings excess rains in Indian Subcontinent while Americans experience drought conditions.

Why #Monsoon2016 is so important for Indian Subcontinent?
India is a country where more than 50% people practice agriculture. Due to lack of irrigation facilities, Indian Farmers are largely dependant on the performance of Monsoon. Even the drinking water faciluties are dependant on Monsoon. Monsoon is the main source forr the Dams which supply drinking water to the country.

The Occurance of ElNino since 2014:
👆 check out this link. This NOAA data shows the SST of tropical eastern Pacific  since 1990. In this data you will see the presence of #elnino since September 2014. It was on its peak during 2015 when SST REACHED TO 3.1℃. It caused havoc in Indian Subcontinent as this area experienced less than average rainfall causing drought conditions. Situation at some parts like Marathwada and Rajasthan got even worse that, #IndianRailways carried water to the affected areas. This was first attempt of its kind.

Drought-hit Latur set to welcome Jaldoot Express today
Source: Indian Express

The eastern tropical pacific is divided in different areas. Nino 1+2, Nino3, Nino 3.4 and Nino 4. In which Nino 3.4 (170°W to 120°E and 5°N to 5° S) is the one which affects Indian Monsoon.

The good news is that #elnino is now totally vanished. For the first time since September 2014, SST in Nino 3.4 have gone down below 0.5℃ and during the last week of May it SST gone down in -0.1℃.
Source: Skymet

👆 This article from skymet gives detailed information about Present Condition of ElNino.

Monsoon 2016 Forecast:
Whether it IMD or Skymet, both forecasts say Monsoon 2016 will be above average which is a good news. Whole Subcontinent is now waiting for the first spell of Monsoon.
Source: The Hindu

👆According to the latest forecast of IMD there will be excess rainfall over Indian Subcontinent. We may receive Rainfall upto 113%.
Source: Skymet

Monsoon2016 arrived at Andaman Nikobar Islands on 19th May. And very soon it will hit Indian Peninsula. #PreMonsoon showers are at full swing in southern Indian Parts.

Now its only matter of few days and Monsoon2016 will be all over India. We all are waiting to get wait in the rains again. We all are eager to see those overflowed rivers, those lush green Mountains and Revived Forests.

Come On #Monsoon2016 bless us again! We want to fall in #Love again, we want enjoy under Waterfalls again, we want to live our life once again…

Western Ghats in Monsoon

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  1. Wendy says:

    Wishing you much rainfall and enjoyment in the revival of your green land.. x

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    1. panya219 says:

      Thanks a lot for the wishes Ms. Wendy… 😊

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      1. Wendy says:

        You are sincerely welcome.. Your post has made me realise how fortunate I am to have water ‘on tap’ and to live in a country where we very rarely suffer from water shortages and never to the extent that you do.. I am very grateful for that! x


  2. fairykumar says:

    The pictures are amazing!!!

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  3. Pratyusha says:

    Quite an interesting write up! My father would be particularly interested in environment related write up. He is a Director for Energy, Environment & Sustainability Development in ACC. 🙂 Keep educating the world around on the importance of preserving our natural resources and conserving them 🙂

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    1. panya219 says:

      Thank You So Much for such nice words. Your father is doing such an awesome job! I hope someday I will be like him. 🙂 Thanks again for your comment!

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      1. Pratyusha says:

        You sure will be 🙂

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      2. panya219 says:

        Thanks A lot… 😊

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  4. So whenever it rains come n read ur post one more time

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