Save Water Save Life Save Earth!

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Its #WorldWaterDay today! Well, nobody will ever imagine life without water. The 70% Earth is occupied by water. Remained 30% is land on which we live. So plenty of water is there on Earth.

Lets look at some numbers!
Total Area occupied by water –
361637000 Sq. Km. Volume of this is 1348 Million BCM

Most of this is Saline water Occupied by oceans!
Only 3% of this water is Drinkable!
10849110 Sq. Km. The volume is 37.5 Million BCM

Main Source of Drinkable water are Rivers, Lakes, Ground Water, Polar Ice and Glaciers.


Polar Ice and Glaciers : 28200000 BCM
Ground Water: 3745510000 BCM
Lakes and Rivers: 127000 BCM
Soil moisture and atmospheric
vapors: 704000 BCM
Courtesy: Central Water Commission

Polar Ice Cap, Courtesy:Internet

Is this much water is enough for 6 Billion Humans and other Billions of Animals and other Living Things?
As we all know, the biggest source of Drinkable water is Polar Ice and Glaciers. And due to Global Warming world have lost 8000 cubic KM. Of ice since 1960.
The average temperature of Earth is increasing at real high rate. Since 1990 avg. Temp. is rised by 0.73°C. When this temperature will reach 2°C. Whole Life on Earth will be in Danger! It does means the extreme scarcity of Drinkable water from next Decade.

Horrible isn’t it!

Talking about water, Humans have played huge in polluting water! Today Nearly 650 Million People dont have access to safe drinking water & 125 million hours are spent daily by in just collecting water. It means still very huge number of people are without safe water. And it leads to Epidemics! African Countries and other developing countries lead in the deaths due to diseases caused by unsafe drinking water.

If we talk about India, the situation is not so good.
India is Largely dependant on Monsoon for drinking water. Deficit over 25% in monsoon leads to extreme scarcity of water in the country. India’s average rainfall is 1208mm. Annually. Most wettest Place of the world is also in India. It means we have not utilised water to its potential, although we have some of the worlds biggest Dams, some of the areas of India suffer from water scarsity every year. Central Indian Deccan Platueic area is one of them. Marathwada of Maharashtra, North Karnataka, Some Part of Madhya Pradesh, And Northern Andhra Pradesh. This is Semi Arid zone. The fun fact is two of the biggest river system go through this area, Godavari & Krishna.
India have 12 major River Systems whose catchment area is over 253 Million Hectares. And 46 Medium river basins, which occupies nearly 24 Million Hectares.
India is Agricultural country with 54% people directly or indirectly dependant on Agriculture. Total cultivable land is nearly 183 Million Hectare.  So these River systems have to satisfy both Humans and Irrigational Lands!

India also have a Desert spread over Rajasthan & Gujarat. With increased average temperature, major water resource of huge river systems Like Ganga and Yamuna is diminishing at higher rates. Gangotri Glacier have lost more than 20% of its ice. If it continues, very soon we will see a Waterless Ganges.

Average utilizable Surface and Ground water is nearly 1123 BCM. Total water which we dont use due to insufficient water storage capacity is 1900 BCM. This much water gets flowed into oceans and rivers during monsoon. Just imagine even if we will able to use the 25%of water which is getting wasted, we will be able to solve our problem of water scarsity.

But things wont stop here. There is another aspect to this is Water Pollution. According to some researchers nearly 50%of Drinkable water resources were used for other purposes from 1991 to 2015. And these resources are highly polluted today. It is because wrong planning of Drainage Systems, unprocessed industrial chemical water. Ground water level is lowering fast and also polluting at faster rate.

Now this is possibly the last chance for Whole world to save ourselves. We must try and lower river Pollution. India is also largely dependant on water for electricity. What it means, that we need innovative ideas to manage everything. And every indivisual must play active part in it. Locally people must try and save the rain water through rainwater harvesting. We should not make those same mistakes which were done by last generation. Every Indivisual should understand his/her responsibility towards water saving! If we keep going on like this, then very soon most of the tropical countries will turn into semi arid and arid areas. Which ll lead to global temp rise. We all have to work with unity to save the world from our own hands!

River Pollution in India, Courtesy: internet

Most importantly we need to save Forests! which will control Global Warming, as Global Warming is controlled, Ice Caps and Glaciers will live longer, It means we will get more Drinkable Water, it means we will save the Life on the Planet & of the Planet!

“In next decade, Life on earth may not get threatened by Hydrogen Bomb, but it will definitely be more affected and threatened by Water Scarsity”.

“Save Water  Save Life  Save Earth!”

Courtesy: Internet



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  1. chellsie says:

    Brilliant post. Conservation is definitely the need of the hour!


    1. panya219 says:

      Absolutely! Thank You So Much for your comment… 🙂


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