India’s Geospatial Brains For Indian Railways

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The man with a vision Hon’ble Union Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu did it yet again. This time by signing an MOU with Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO). It was announced in the Railway Budget 2016-17 &  has been delivered.

Indian Railway is most preffered and economically viable transport system of India. But lack of invention pushed it backward since. But this is a step to revive railways and make it more modern, safe & efficient.


  • Currently Indian Railway uses space technologies for PRS (Passenger Reservation Systems). With this MOU, ISRO will provide technological support for various purposes.

The MoU aims to develope applications in the field of Remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS). It can be useful at unmanned railway crossings! Railways will be gifted with geospatial solutions and customized software solutions for providing reliable,  efficient & optimal solutions to Railways in it various areas of operation thereby benefiting the rail user.

This will allow Indian Railways to,

  • Tracking of Trains through GPS technology.
  • It will be helpful for providing wifi in trains
  •  Helpful in eradicating Unmanned Railway Crossings.
  • Will help in Mapping of Assets.
  • Will give real time information to passengers about Upcoming Stations.
  • Can track any Suspicious Activities.
  • Survey of new rail route alignments particularly in hilly and difficult terrains.
  • Conduct Track Vulnerability Studies.
  • Emergency Communication during Disaster.
  • Remote Monitoring of Locomotives,It will ensure Safety of Passengers.
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ISRO will design various Remote Sensing (RS) & GIS (Geographic Information System) applications for Indian Railways.

These applications are really important for the further development’s of Indian Railway. Specilly for the High Speed Railway, which is on the cards. This will also insure the Safety of average regular trains. It may help signaling system. Once the safety is insured, it is possible to increase average speed of regular trains. This step is Innovative & Modern.

Let me take a Minute & Thank the Hon’ble Railway Minister Shri. Suresh Prabhu for this Bold, Brave & Innovative step.

For More Information please check the following links:

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The MOU & Geospatial Industry in India:
In some of my previous blogs, I have mentioned what is the situation of GIS or Geospatial industry in India.

GIS in India – I 

 GIS in India – Part II

This step will be a boon for Indian Railways. I hope this brings a Positive change for GIS industry in India too.

This is definitely a great move and a normal GIS professional in the country can now think that Government is taking GIS seriously. After Railways, other ministries too will use this technology. Well only time will be answer for this.

But some questions are still there:
* Will Indian Railways give a chance too young aspirants of GIS field in this project?
* Will startups of GIS field get a chance to work in this project, for the betterment of Indian Railways?
* Will this move bring positiveness in Indias Geospatial Professionals?
* Will Geospatial MNC’s present in India start looking for projects in India itself?

Although time will answer these questions! But I am quite Positive. Lets hope that Geospatial industry will see its golden days in India soon & Lets hope that the brains & excellency of Our own India will be used for India.


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