Do We Indians Deserve Top Class Facilities?

On 22nd January Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Mahamana Express from Varanasi.
The special thing about this train was that, it was the first train to be equipped with ” New luxurious ICF Bogies”, which were made with top class interiors. Which were made for travellers comfort.

Interiors of New ICF coaches
Interiors of AC bogies
Exteriors of new Coaches

These new Bogies are of 22417/22418 Mahamana express.

Few days now and this train is in service. People appreciated new Bogies and the facilities in it.

It was a another one great initiative by Indian Railways. But the images which came out after its running for few days were shocking.

How Travellers made these new Bogies a dustbin
Cant see!

This was the condition of new coaches after running for several days.

I was not really surprised. It is shameful. How can yhese people use the brand new coaches like this? Who allowed them to make these coaches dirty? How dare them?

These images showed how insensitive Indian travellers are towards Railways. 2 dustbins are provided in each bogie. And still this much waste is on the bogie floor.

I am shameful by this act of my fellow citizens. At one hand we always cry that Railways dont provide us luxurious facilities. But we were using the provided facilities like this, then?
I think we just dont deserve these kind of facilities. Because its our responsibility to keep it clean while in travel.
We should be aware of our duties. If we continue to do these things, then we just dont deserve anything better.

Today, I feel like to apologise our Rail Minister Mr. Suresh Prabhu and other railway staff, who are working hard for the betterment of Railways. Is this our way of thanking Rail Ministry and Rail family?

Shameful… I think the one who makes train dirty should be heavily fined. As most of the Bogies will soon get CCTV, it will be easy to find these shameless people and fine them.

Somehow, I am positive and I am hoping that these things will change and Indians will realise their duties.



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