Mother Earth!!!

Most intelligent animal species present on earth, As we humans say it.  We saw the evolution of human species. How humans came so far. Humans invented fire, agriculture and now industries, Computers and what not. We reached moon, crossed our solar system recently. “Thinking”, a unique quality which differs humans from other animals. “Sometimes our Strongest thing can become our weakness too”. And we know where our thinking have landed us today.
“Mother Earth”
I think there is a reson why we call our Earth as Mother. A mother cares, grows and nourish its child. Gives all the things which its child need. But what we have done to our mother? Are we aware?
In todays fast forward world which changes on daily basis, which we also call as a developed world. Well it wouldn’t have been possible without our mothers help. We have exploited earths resources to the limit now. Wether its oil or coal. We got some free things for our own nourishment, like ozone and fresh air etc. And we are also getting heavy on them too.
Talking about Air Quality, mega cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Delhi have crossed all the warnings of air pollutions. People are forced to live in an atmosphere which is not good for anything. This all because of human interference in the earths cycle.
There are many issues. Plastic, carbon emmision, increase in the occurance of el Nino leading to global temp. Rise. Till last decade, these things were away from a common man of world or they were not affecting people’s life directly and suddenly, now whole world is pushed into a stage where we are struggling to save our species, and the quality of nature and the purity of our Earth.
Yes, climate do change because of natural causes. Causes like volcanic activities, change in Earths Orbit, increase and decrease in receiving Sun’s energy etc. But it takes thousands of years to happen. But in last century globally surface temperature have rised by nearly 0.6 °C. And can grow upto 2° to 6℃ till the end of 21st century.
Carbon emmision and greehouse gases are the primary reason behind this. Huge amount human interference, exploting natural resources for development is also responsible.

The graph showing the global warming from 1900 and how it will be in this century. Quite frightening isn’t it?
Now lets see some consequences, whih we are experiencing now. The melting of Glaciers, an issue to look after pretty seriously. Almost all the Glaciers of the world have shortened or melted from last 1 century. Whether these are Himalayan Glaciers or Alskan Glaciers or Antarctica. Ice melting will obviously cause rise in sea level, dry river basins and it will led to scarcity in the drinking water. “No Water No Life”.

The super Smart human spices should think, why we need to make treaties like “Paris Convention”? Developed countries, Developing Countries and their endless debates on carbon emmisions and global warming. Well, one may think its a natural cycle of climate change, some may think its because of Human interference. Whatever it may be, we need to act now. Its now or never. Lets come together and work as one.
We once had a tresure, we learned how to use it for our own self and now we are on stage when we are thinking how to save it or how to manage with whatever we have left?

“Our Mother Earth have given everything as a mother, but have we able to complete our duties as children?”

Where are we heading? Is this development or is this the qorld once we had dreamt of?
I dont want our next generations leave Earth and  get out in search of another Planet to live on. Beacause, I dont want to see another planet to become another earth. Because no other planet will give us everything like our Earth have given to us. Lets care for her and make our earth beautiful than ever.

Lets give back the love our Mother Earth deserves…


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