All debates on news channels should be banned in India

Media, Specifically electronic media is always an subject of criticisms. And it is because of their own irresponsible behaviour. The only ting these #Prestittutes care about is their TRP.

These guys can even make a news about a man of reading a newspaper and they can even tell you the overall mentality of that man by the news he is reading. Not just that, they will even run a debate on that by callimg the representatives of every political party and religion.

Let me tell you some incidents of recent  Media activities on which I am still doubtful about their trueness. Every Political Party did not lost a chance to oppose BJP on Dadri Incident ( It was a really sad incident, but see how these politicians and media used this incident). Dadri is in Uttar Pradesh and maintaining law n order is the prime responsibility of state government. But everybody attacked Modiji and his Central government for the incident. But nobody raised a fingure on UP chief Minister and his government, when it is his primary responsibility. ????????? Media where were you or you all, why you didnt asked a single question to UP government???” Instead of that you guys played an awesome game with all Modi and BJP haters and empowered the Intolerance in India movement.

These intolerance and #AwardWapsi movement was a shock for a common man. According to government records, The communal riots in India have lowered by 32% in 2014-2015. And this became the reason for Maha Gathabandhan to win the Bihar Elections by majority. Come on media what about that man who died in Dadri Incident? Who cared about him? You guys along with some politicians used the incident to win an elections. You have lost the “Humanity and Morality“. Journalism is the backbone of Humanity and you have sold the himanity for the sake of TRP & Money.
Nobody is as stupid as you think media.  And when Gen. V.K. Singh made the statement against media ” Whoch was true” you guys even made that statement as the subject of your prime time debate and earned TRP and Money.

Now Bihar elections are over and its been 15 days since the results are out. “Why not a single media person raise the voice abput #AwardWapsiGang? Since last 15 days no awards have been returned by any of the filmamakers or writers?”
Why did media is quite on it? India was intolerant country before 8th Nov and suddenly became tolerant country in just 15 days?????? Did any magic happened? If yes then tell us about that magic. Show us some reports about it.

Media you #Shameles guys, have you ever thinked that you were insulting our India in the whole world? When our Prime Minister is trying hard to establish a good image of our country in the world…
This one incident is enough to prove that our media is not Nationalist or rather they dont care about India or its people or its unity or its sovereignty.

I really congratulate #FrenchMedia at the time of France attacks. But here in India these attacks were also used as Prime Time subjects. And ofcourse these debates gave a chance to raise the voice about communalism and vote politics.

These debates always misguide people. And only Conspiracies can win in these debates. Everyday these debates higher the blood pressure and increase the anger of an #Indian. “Please tell me what is the benifit of these debates to the country?” Nothing really. Indian Media can even sold the country for their TRP.

I think to stop the media, we must bring some strong limitations to the freedom of Media. If it is causing a havoc in country then we must do this. However now a days the scenario is Media is not leaving a single chance to oppose government and Modiji. It is because they have never seen such great pace of development. But media is so negative that the will not show a single Good thing about country. Dont know why are they so negative? Why Media cant be positive? Why media likes so much negativity? What they get from this negativity? Wih everyday prime time debate this scenario is getting even worse.

And yes Media is pseudo secular. They showed the news of Dadri and discussed a lot of debates. But they didnt showed the murder of 2 Vishwa Hindu Parishad men in Bengaluru in last one month. They didnt ran the news about RSS people were brutally murdered in Kerala. Why? Aren’t they were humans? Humanity wasn’t killed there? Then why you didnt ran any shows on it??????? I will tell you no Hindu Organization will give money to run these shows. No vote bank Politics can be done on these issues. TRPs will not raise by showing thesw kind of news. “Media is the main eny of India’s Sovereignty and Unity”.

Now the time have ccome that all India s should come together against the Media’s role and lets allow media to be Positive. Lets show them our true Nationalism….

Read the following article.

I have created a petiotion to Ministry of telecom about stopping Debate shows.


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