Really, terrorism have no religion?

Terrorism, a threat to world. Some say it is driven by Powerful Countries across the world, some say it is driven by the blind religious motives, and whole world says there is no religion of terrorism.

What is terrorism? No definition is created by UN. The world is experiencing havoc for last many years now. Especially 21st century have become a mere nightmare for Humanity.

Whether its ISIS, Al Quaida or it is Lashkar, all have many things in common. Biggest and dangerous of them all is Religion.

As I mentioned in my earlier blogs that religion is just a way of living life which changes according to geography and praising different form of GOD’s.

We all know Jihad is driven by blind Islamists. I dont think Islam or any other religion of the world allows to kill humanity and murder innocent people. Something is wrong.

Yes, if some people of a community are bad, then we cannot blame that whole community. That is stupid. Then how can we counter them?

I have an idea. We can only counter them by Unity. Now lets focus on one thing. “Terrorism have no religion”. I will not agree to this statement for now. 

There are many religions in the world. And we do know a certain people of cerrain community is responsible for it. So we cannot directly say that whole community is responsible for it or neither we can deny it.

Now all other people of every community who oppose these terror activities, should come together on the basis of humanity. We all should unite for the humanity by the humanity. Only then we can proudly say that “TERRORISM HAVE NO RELIGION “.

This will also help those peaceful Muslims who are against Terrorism.
Let us forget our Religion and focus on a peaceful and healthy world.




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