Humanity, Religion and World


Well recently Paris was shakened by a coward Terror attack. Humanity was murdered that day according to many people. However it is murdered each day with various terror activities.

Now let me tell you What is Religion according to me:
Religion is nothing but just the way of living lives and praising different God’s as we say them. The lifestyles are largely affected by the geographical conditions. In the end we all are humans. Everybody is made of blood bones and flesh.

Is there any kind of race going on between religions for greatness?

If yes then here nobody ll win but humanity ll lose. human race is endangered. I never oppose religious but I oppose the competitions between them.

People should understand (Terrorists ll not I am sure) that this intelligent human race was suffering from this cavity since centuries now, so cant we stop it now? Come on a simple note every religion somehow give the same kind of message.

Well, education is important to liberate a person or society. But in some countries, their religion dont allow them to take education. Only education is allowed that is religious education which are actually the factories of terrorism.

“Can Social Reforms help to counter terrorism”?

Answer can be yes only if the people of that society want a change. If they want to stick to the old way of thinking and behaving, then even god will not able to help them.

Today Atomic Weapons can destry whole world within minutes. And this is not the way anybody (even god) will want this world to end.

This is the high time now. Lets save the humanity and human race. It can be saved only by unity and peaceful minds. International Politicians should also think on it.

Lets renew the World with peace and  decorate it with Love!!!


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