GIS in India Part – II

As I mentioned in the first part of the blog, India strongly need its open source geospatial data bank under one roof. And if it have to be authentic, then it must be done by Government.

Finally the dawn has rised on the horizon of Indias Geospatial Industry. Under “Digital India” campaign, Department of Science and Technology of Indian Government have decided to make the digital library of Maps which will include authenticate Geospatial data of India. This data will be Open Source and will be available freely.

Now lets know something about Digital India: Digital India is a program initiated by Indian Government to prepare India for a knowledge future. The new government of India under Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is emphasizing on e-governance. It is an ambitious project of over 1,13,000crore to be implementated in next 5 years. IT will help India to rise as a digitally empowered country. GIS is also on the radar of government.

NATMO ( National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization ) is selected to complete this Digital Library Project by DST (Department of Science and Technology). NATMO will complete the project in one year and data will be open source. Very soon this project will start.

Some of the news articles regarding this projects are as follows:

Well as mentioned in the previous blog, the the digital bank will help GIS to settle down in India. People and companies will have authenticate data. This data will also help government for good governance. Many of the things which are still practised in traditional way and manually will be turned into digital and automatic system. The best example is “Land Management System”.

Now, me with all geospatial professionals of India are eagerly waiting to operate this digital library. I really hope this will be useful and help India to rise as a geospatial super power in the world.


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