Pune: An Important station on Central Railway

Today Pune is one of the most important city of India. It is an IT hub of the country. Pune is also one of the fastest growing city of Asia.

From cultural capital of Maharashtra to IT hub, its been a long journey.

From the geographical point of view, Pune lies in Western India and from the Railways point of view it lies on the central line.

History of Railways in Pune:
In 1858 Pune was introduced with railways. ” Great Indian Peninsular Ralway” GIPR made it possible. Pune was then connectes with Khandala and later it was connected to Mumbai 5 years later. In 1929 this route was electrified with 1.5kv DC system. And in 1929 the first express DECCAN QUEEN started. It was the first train of India to travel on an electrified rail route.

Current status:
Pune is a junction and 3 line emerge from the station.
*Towards Lonavla &and Mumbai ( Double  line Electrified)
* Towards Solapur (Double line, electeification under work)
* Towards Miraj and Bangalore ( Single Line, Not Electrified)
Pune is an important junction which connects western railways with Hyderabad and Chennai. Almost all trains travelling from Rajasthan and Gujarat to Chennai and Hyderabad go through Pune. Today Pune station have 6 Platforms and a diesel loco shed where maitainance work of some electric locos is also done.

Connectivity of Pune Station with other Important Cities of India:
There are nearly 40 trains between Pune and Mumbai. All trains travelling to South and South Central Railway from Mumbai go through Pune.
Rather than that, there are 6 Intercity trains between these two Stations.
*Up11010 Sinhgad Express 11009 Down
*Up12124 Legendary Deccan Queen Down12123,
*Up 12126 Pragati Express Down 12125,
*Up 12128 Intercity Express Down 12127
* Up 11008 Deccan Express Down 11007
* Up 22106 Indrayani Express Down
These trains take average 3.5 hours to travel 194 km. These trains allowed people to work acvording to office schedule.

There are 8 trains between Pune and Delhi. One DURONTO is also there travelling from western line. All other trains travel through central Line.


Doronto takes 19.45 hrs of travel time and Karnataka Sampark Kranti and Mysore Swarna Jayanti took around 25 hours of travel time and other 2 SF trains took around 26 hours. Distance from western line is 1511km and from central line its 1591km.

There are only two daily trains between these cities. So seat availability is always an issue for travellers. There is a higher middle class travellers who prefers Air travel than trains because of its travel time. There is a need of some less time consuming special ac trains. Daund to Manmad is a single line non electrified corridor which takes too much time.

12 trains travel on this route. 596 km long route go through Solapur and Wadi. One shatabdi travels on the route.


Shatabdi takes 8.25 Hrs. Of travel.ti.e and other long route trains which are going to Orrisa and to vishakhapattanam sectors of east coast. One suvidha special train is also on the route. This train count is satisfactory. The electrification of the route is under process. It will save the travel time in future.


6 trains on Pune chennai route. No premium class trains pn the route. This route too goes through Solapur and ahead wadi and Guntakal… This route is under electrification. Guntakal to chennai is almost done and same as Pune to Daund. This route is around 1093KMS. And takes an average of 22 hrs. It must get reduced.


There are two routes for Pune and Banglore. One is from Miraj Hubali and other is from Solapur, Wadi Raichur route.
There are 18 trains on tbe route. One AC Special train Solapur Gadag route and one Sampark Kranti on Miraj Hubali route. The Miraj Hubali route is a Single line route.


Karnataka Sampark Kranti is the fastest on the route with 19hrs. It travels through Miraj Hubali route. If this route get double line it may save the travel time. This route definitely need a special Premium class train. An AC Duronto is needed for luxurious and fast travel.

Only 2 trains on the route. One AC Duronto and one Express. Both trains go through Nagpur.


Azad hind express take 33.25hrs while Duronto takes 28.25hrs. This route badly needs more trains as these trains are always full. The route till Daund is almost electrified and Daund to Manmad ia single line unelectrified. From Manmad onwards its double line electrified. It is a part of Mumbai Howrah corridor.

This route have enough trains. 19 trains are there. 1 AC Duronto and 1 AC special express on the route. Fastest train on the route is Duronto with 8.40hrs of travel time. This train is a highly successful one.

This is how Pune is connected with the main cities of India. But when it comws to connecting Rajasthan, UP, Bihar and Bengal Pune is not that good connected. Same case with Punjab. North Eastern states are also not well connected. Only one train connects Assam with Pune.

It is really important to have electrification of Pune Hyderabad and Pune Chennai routes as it can lower the travel time. Doubling of Pune Miraj line is also important.

Talking about Pune Sation and surroundings, it needs more trains and more Platforms. This govt. Decided to Renewate Pune Station and Convert it into an International Standards. Very soon we will see a changed Pune Station.

Other stations in the Pune city like Hadapsar, Shivaji Nagar should be utilised. Some trains travelling to Mumbai route should get hosted by the Shivaji Nagar and some trains travell towards Solapur route should be hosted by Hadapsar Station. And all freight carriers should be shifted to Mundhwa station as proposed.

Today Pune is growing as an IT Hub and an important industrial corridor too. So Pune should be well connected with all parts of Country. 

A new route to Nashik and Konkan is also needed. In short Pune needs a lot of improvments.

More Info:


Here is another link everybody must check out. This blog is in the formst of STORY MAP.




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