Decentralisation : Mumbai & Pune

Mumbai aka City of Dreams aka the most populous city of India aka The financial Capital of India aka Capital of Maharashtra. This is just a small Introduction of this City.

Pune aka the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra aka IT hub of India aka One of the fastest growing city aka The city with Highest no of two wheelers aka the Historical City.

The two most famous Cities of Maharashtra and India. The biggest Industrial hub. These two cities are situated on the distance of 170KMS from each other.

As we know Mumbai as one of the most populous city of the world. Pune is changing its identity quickly. from the city of Cycle in 1990 to City of two wheelers in 2015. from the city of retired people to IT hub of India. From the city of hills to ine of rhe fast growing city of Asia.

Some Basic Stats About Both Cities:
Total Area: 603 sq. km.
Total Population: 1.24 crore(2011)
Population Density: 20563 People per

Total Area: 258 ( Only Pune Minicipal Corporation Border)
Total Population: 3124458
Population Density: 12110 Peoplr per sq. km.

Stats themselves are enough to tell that both cities are over populated.  The average Population Density of India is aroud 380. These both cities have density more than 60 and 40 times respectively.

Employment and better life style attracts people toward these cities. A lot of Migrants enter in these cities daily. Land of Mumbai is under huge pressure. The degradation of nature is quite common thing.  Mithi Nala which was once an estuary is almoat a dead one. And this dead river became a zombie on 26th July 2005.


Mithi river

There are no more place to live in the mumbai. Slum problems everyone is well aware of it. Dharavi is the biggest slum area in the world. And the billionares of Mumbai have some of the biggest houses (areawise) in the world. two ends of the economical hirarchy. Even if this is not enough, migration is still on.

On the other hand  Pune still have a chance to learn from the mistakes of Mumbai. 3.1 Million people in Pune and slum Problem is slowly becoming a painful threat to Pune city. A city with over 10 hills and 2 rivers is now going in similar direction. Hills are degraded for the development ( development doesn’t mean building new skycrappers) to give a friendly invitation to the Landslides. one of recent Incidents of Landslides was in June 2013 when many people killed on the NH4.


Flooded Mula Mutha River in the Pune City

Since 1911 the population of both cities is increase by almost 300%.

Mumbai: Best, Locals and Metro

Locals are the primary source of of transport. 71 lakh daily travellers. Always overcrowded and kills almost 10 people a day due to various incidents.
Best: 1.5 Million approx.
Others by Metro and their own Vehicles and Taxi.


           Overcrowded Mumbai Locals

Only one mode of Public transport. daily 11 to 13 lakh people travel. Highly corrupted outdated and low profile service providers and one of the most useless mean of travel.
other people have their own two wheelers. and Cars and Auto or taxis sometime.
Pune Metro: A project initiated almost 10 years ago but still not in existance. not even started. and the estimated amount of the project must be doubled. ( Some companies from other parts of the world have surveyed for it long ago but due to non ability of decision taking, theose companies left project.)

Traffic is the most worst part of these cities. Dont need to say anything about it.

Mumbai need to have a better and widespread metro system to give an altenate to locals. need to build some multilevel fly overs to solve the problem of traffic and Locals.

Pune need a stronger Public transport to lower the traffic and private vehicle users. not sure wether metro will able to solve the problem. The best way to solve the problem is to strengthen PMT. The PMT should be directly handled by state government. It will lower the local level curroption and will get a lot of funds to  prove its service.


New PMT Buses ( Only good time to see them when these are new)

Both cities need some space to take some breath. And the only way to do this is decentralization of businesses and industries. Except western Maharashtra and Nagpur in the eastern Maharashtra just have nothing at all. Marathwada, Khandesh and Vidarbha except Nagpur should be the target for industrialisation.

If a platform in other areas if Maharashtra provided with some good facilities, new industries can be developed in this areas. skilled personal can be exported from Pune and Mumbai to run and control these industries. This will definitely lower the migration rate in these both cities. So atleast if we cannot lower the population of these cities but we can definately control the rate of migration. this will let the Engineers, Geographers and Planners will get some time to plan and provide better solutions to the problems. Decentralisation will also increase the employment in other areas of Maharashtra.


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