A place where everything gets right!!!

This is my second photo blog where I am taking you on a tour of Rohida Fort.

Rohida is a second home for me. The journey of mapping forts was started from this fort. And this is the most visited fort by me. I love this place. And I love it even more in Monsoon.

About Rohida Fort: if we say this is one of the oldest fortified structure of Maharashtra, it will make sense. It is around 1100 meters above MSL. Extremely windy during monsoon! So much that we didn’t had to do much while our descend. Wind was enough to take us to the base. A well structured water reservoirs which are built on different levels. A lot of fortified wall is still intact. This fort is relatively easy to climb and heavily crowded on weekend. It is conservated ideally by “Shri Shivdurg Samvatdhan” an NGO which is preserving the forts and ancient monuments across Maharashtra!!!

The best exit of Pune. NH 4/ AH48

The Monsoon Magic and the Dawn..!
Monsoon Magic!!!
Deja Vu..!
Mandatory Stop!!! Even though we have 1000’s of photos of this spot, we stil capture at least one every time we go!!!
Target Spotted…!
Now you see me, now you don’t!!! Welcome to the land of Monsoon!!!
The Magic called Monsoon!!!
Welcome Home!! Said the fort..!
I will follow your footsteps, even when the path is not visible!!! Is the true friendship???
Strong as Anything…! This is the main gateway to the fort!!!
Finally we are on the fort!!! You can see the stone crafted face of elephants on the both side.
Towards west..! The remain beside these steps are the remains of the houses which were present on the fort!!!
A Bastion!!! Come on Clouds, you cant do anything to me!!!
Imagine a full fledged colony on this fort. How beautiful that scene was!!! If i ever get a chance to know about my past lives I am sure it must involve this place..!
My Way!!!
Sharja Buruj!!!
Dear Clouds, can I see that beautiful village for few more minutes??
The valley! Soon it was filled by clouds..!
Euphoric.. let it rain over me!!! Go Pro Magic! Wide angle!!!
The extra ordinary water reservoir system. These water tanks are built on different heights and are interconneted. Common sense at its best!!!
Clouds!!! There is a valley ahead.
Shirawale Buruj!!! A fantastic conservation work was done by Shri Shivdurg Samvardhan here. This bastion is huge and situated on the southern tip of the fort. Basically it is little disconnected from the main fort. There are different levels to the bastion. According to me this is the best thing to experience on fort..
This temple is of Shiva. It is situated in the Bajarwadi village which is the base village of Rohida Fort. I am unaware of the exact era of this temple built. But yes they were present during the Regime of Shivaji Maharaj. (17th Century)

So as the title suggests, yes this is one place where everything gets right. Everytime i will visit this fort something new will always be there. Or I will come back with a new question about this place. May be that is why I call this as my second home.!

An Adventure through my Lens

Hello, Namaste!!

I am writing a blog after very long time. I hope all of you are doing great.

This time I am going to showcase my visit of Kenjalgad Fort through the photos I clicked. Lets go..! Kenjalgad is a fort situated on the south of Pune and is in the core Sahyadri Mountain Range.

We 2 friends one bike and it was 3.30am in the morning. around 72 kms of travel in the dark on the bike at the highway under the drizzle!!! With no sleep at all on the previous night and we were directly on the wheels. (It is not at all recommended. Please take good rest on the previous night if you are going for a hike on next day).

The Dawn!!!
Beautiful Road…! I love the Countryside. In the left side you can see the Kenjalgad Fort!
The Wrong Turn!!!
Warning: If your Internet is not working, Don’t follow google Maps. It will land you somewhere like this!!! 😀
The Road We missed!!!
This was the actual road and we followed google maps and went on an amazing off-roading. We literally climbed up the whole mountain on this muddy road.
Good to be back on road!!!
Fantastic road curving through the mountains!
On the Next Turn!!!
Yes, that road took us to this mountain pass. This was breathtaking! We can see the Monsoon coming…! On the right side you see the Raireshwar Plateau and on the lest there is a way to climb Kenjalgad. But we decided to climb it from another side.
The Road to the Foothills!!!
A beautiful Village!!!
This is the village at the foothills of the Kenjalgad!!!
The Wrong Way!!!
Yes, we have a really bad habit of taking the wrong way while hiking. But this habit takes us to the views like this…! We get lost in the nature yet we are never lost!!!
Our Destination!!!
The Kenjalgad…! Finally after getting back on the right hiking route. After an hour of fighting and making way through the trees and jungle finally the target was in front of us!!!
The amazing steps at the start of the Fort. Imagine how the ancestors carved these steps..!
The Guide...!
These cute dog accompanied us through out the hike. Fortunate enough to capture this image..!
The mountain top!
This was the first immediate view after we climbed the steps…!
Chunyacha Ghana!!!
Chunyacha Ghana!!!
The Lifeline!
The water tank on the top of the fort. and the river in the valley!!! Imagine this view while raining…!
Ancient Remains!!!
The Western Tip!
The western part of the Fort. Beside the Ranges lies Konkan!!!
Something Mesmerizing… Isn’t It!

This was all about the Kenjal Gad Fort. We climbed down after this image was taken as it started raining. It was the last week of June and the onset of Monsoon over the Sahyadri Ranges. Further while coming back we stopped at a village. The famous cable bridge of Ambavade!!!

Famous Cable Bridge of Ambavade Village!!! Further there is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva.

This was my first attempt of a photo blog. Hope everyone liked it. If you want to see similar photo blogs kindly write me in the comments.

Note: All photos are taken by me. Anyone wants to use it further must give credits to the original photographer.

A Journey!!!

Well, most of the people get excited when they hear about travelling. It’s very rare to find a person who hates travelling. Fortunately I am not one of those people. I love travelling, I love every single aspect of travelling. Visiting Places, Being in transit (Most Favorite), meeting new people, Experiencing new cultures and traditions etc. etc.

Now it’s been few years that I am constantly travelling to the places for the work. As I mentioned in the earlier blogs, travelling brings happiness to me. But every time, is it the same case everytime????

This journey made me answer NO.

gave me the other experience. Ahh don’t worry,

there are few funny moments too. Lets go through

this roller coaster ride.

After finishing the Ganeshotsav on 23rd September, I decided to plan a tour as early as possible to fill up that void feeling. After finishing Ganeshotsav, suddenly the everything stops, that echo of dhol tasha, all the processions, that ambiance everything comes to an end. So this is the reason I planned a trip to Nagpur where I had few meetings to do. It left for Nagpur on 26th Sept.

I always prefer “Purple Mobility Solutions” for my travel. Their Buses are clean, Neat and the staff behavior is quite good. **This is my personal experience and there may be some exceptions also. Usually they Have the two range of services, one is “Purple Grand” which are AC sleeper buses. Coaches made up of Veera. Comfortable little less space but still manageable with on board personal entertainment. So far this was my companion for all journeys. But luckily this time I found “Purple Platinum” for my journey. It was in my scheduled time. Well Platinum is a Volvo B9R coach with a lot of space little upgraded amenities and much more comfortable.

I booked my ticket a day before departure. I was excited to board the Purple Platinum.  On Wednesday, I went to meetings and the only thing was on my mind was to get on board that Volvo. Yaay!

I came back home by 17 .00 and my bus was on 19.30. I was feeling anxious. It was the feeling of something is wrong. I talked to my father, there were some issues but those were really normal. Nothing to get upset about. But it was something else.

I called the cab, but I was feeling uneasy. This was probably the first time I felt this way before going to any journey. I reached the bus stand and after few minutes that charming Purple Volvo arrived. After watching the bus I forgot those bad feelings and boarded the bus. Woow! Spacious, clean and neat. I grab my berth and soon the journey started. Nagpur is 709 Kms. long and takes around 14 hours to complete the journey.

As the journey started, my mind again caught by those bad feelings. I had a gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. I became tensed, what is going to happen? Will I reach safely to Nagpur, am I going to die 😀 or what?

It’s the 6th sense. I had these kind of bad feeling on several occasions, When my grandparents died and also some of my relative and one of my friend who were close to me. I knew that this feeling never cheats. something bad is on the cards.

Well its difficult to express how I felt. It is something like depression, where you don’t feel like doing anything, this world becomes a scary and boring place, you don’t want to talk with anyone, you feel anxious and annoyed. I was facing this all alone. Not even able to express my self by chatting with someone or by calling someone. Soon I realized that I have to spend next 14 hours like this. Horrible!!!

Usually I don’t sleep while travelling but this time I tried really hard and by god’s grace I was able to get some sleep. I reached Nagpur and a fresh sunny morning welcomed me. It was refreshing. I was just able to recover from it. With all those feeling I had to get up and ready for the meeting. I went to the office where my meeting was fixed and that person didn’t show up. Shit! Again getting back into that bad feeling. So I left that office and went for the other meeting. That meeting was good. I thought if I could finish the work in one day I can get back to the home and relax. But I had to stay.

While sitting in the lobby for the next meeting, I decided to book the hotel. The battery of my old aged mobile was only 11%. I went online and trying to book a hotel but that website was not responding. Especially on the payment gateway it was getting stuck. Oh god, not again. so finally when my battery was only 3% My hotel was booked. Then I went inside for the meeting and it was a great one. A sigh of relief. Then I rushed to the Hotel. It was hotel Grand Orient. Woow! When I saw the room, It was amazing and was super cheap.

I didn’t had lunch. The day was full of ups and downs. So to juat calm down I decided to take a nap.


Later on that evening I received a message from the person whom I had to meet. we fixed a meeting next morning. Woow. Now I started to feeling well. Everything was coming back on track. I had dinner and then later came back to hotel. Well Nagpur was quite cold in the night and walking far away on empty streets was a great experience. After coming back to the hotel the same bad feeling again hit my mind and then there was an email from office which made it worse. I didn’t know what to do. That’s it tired by journey and another sleepless night.


On the next day with a heavy heart I got up. Cleaned up the mess and headed straight to the meeting. The long pending meeting was done on a good note. Then I got a call from my father.

He sounded a little sad. He asked me about my plan and when am I coming back. I answered him politely that I will be home by tomorrow morning. Then I asked him What Happened? He answered that my Aunt is admitted to the hospital due to Cardiac attack. I was stunned and shocked to hear this. I hung up the call and contacted my brother to know how is she. Luckily he said she is out of Danger now. I though of taking a flight back, but my brother hold me back and said everything is under control you carry on with the work. Whooo!

After hearing this I felt relief. and my fear came true. It was a hard situation but now she was okay. Well my aunt is so close to me and I understood the reason of my bad feeling and 6th sense. But there is a good thing about it that once you get to know what has happened then this feeling vanishes. Because I know what has happened and what I need to do.

Well everything was sorted out. and it was the time to get back home. The first bus to back home was on 15.30. Again I booked the Purple Grand. Still I had to do one meeting which I did and got free Around 12.30. Woow, I have three hours now. So I decided to roam around the city. Now as I was feeling okay and the mood was also getting better, I decided to visit Zero Milestone. The geographic center of the India.

P_20180928_123545 (1)

This was probably the first time that I have few hours in my bag and I was roaming a city. I went to Zero Milestone. I spent some good time over there. There is a stone and a point over that which indicates that specific place is the center of the India. It is according to a Ground Trigonometric Survey Done by Britishers in 1907 . It was amazing to see how Britishers were so advanced in the Survey Techniques.

Besides that, there is a model of #nagpurmetro, there is a model coach and thw pilot cabin. A very small part of metro is operational now and rest of the Metro will be operational by 2022.

After this sightseeing in around 40 Degrees Celsius, I came back to the bus stand. On 15.15, Bus arrived and was on time. I was the first to went inside.  As I entered the bus, AC was the first one too welcome with its coolness. It was really hot outside and Getting inside the packed AC bus was such a beautiful feeling!!! A clean and cool bus.

P_20180928_152927 (1)

Then as the time passed the people entered in the bus. What the hell! All the aged people and married couples with their babies??? wait!!! is there any beautiful girl boarding the bus??? Oh god No!!! Although the bus was only 60% booked, I prayed that at least some miracle will happen on next boarding points. And yes Miracle happened, but on the Edge of Nagpur on Amravati Road. The place where this miracle took place was “Wadi Police Station”.

I was trying to write something. But I was so tired mentally that, I fall asleep. It was hot outside and the AC inside bus was taking my care like I am a child who is messed up. Each part of the cool air coming out of AC was trying to make me fall asleep. I am sleeping now, Thank you AC!

Well, it was bumpy when I fallen asleep. Then after few minutes It was feeling so smooth like butter, I wondered did the roads of Nagpur became so good overnight??? I opened my eyes and was trying to figure out what’s right oh sorry wrong… 😀 Then I realized that the bus was not moving. I was about to find what has happened, but in the next moment the bus driver came shouting get out of the bus!

“Kay zal dada” I asked him? Aho polisani bus adavli ahe, tumhi tyana sanga bus madhye kahi illegal nahiye.” hahaha.. I got out of the bus. with few other co passengers, I went to the Police officer. He was already pissed off by repeating the same thing to other passengers. When I said a word, officer shouted, shut up the bus is “Confiscated”… What???? I was totally in shock. Then I realized that it can’t go worse than this.


This was the moment. Now we know we have to wait for the next bus to arrive and pray that there will be seats available in that bus. Purple has around 12 buses on this route daily and it was off season so we were worry less.

What to do??? I started talking to other passengers. One passenger was so cool that his house was nearby. He called his wife and son and he got busy talking with them. Now what? No beautiful girl around to have few talks and a chance to be with her if she is single. Other groups were in themselves. Okay fine. I headed towards the Driver of the bus. Ahh they were enjoying the moment. “Chala ajacha kam sampla, ata kahi apan bus drive karnar nahi”  Kara Nivant. Then I headed to one of the Police officer. I don’t know why but I was laughing on this situation. Officer was very kind, first he asked me why the hell are you laughing. I just watched at the bus and he understood. Oh he was very kind, he offered me tea. Then I started my conversation with him. He explained me the scene.

There was a complaint against the bus that something illegal is on board this bus. Hence this bus cannot be released till we create an FIR and check this bus. And it will at least take one day to complete the formality.

One Day???One whole Day???? Now my laugh was unstoppable. But somehow the next bus came, and then few passengers boarded that bus. Then there was the second bus and There were 2 single berths avilable in the last row was. A college girl was traveling alone and was scared that she has to travel on the last berth. Well now I became a total gentlemen and told her not to worry because two of the ladies were also on the last berths parellel to her’s. She smiled at me and was now worry less. I didn’t had anything to do, so I started capturing the photos of Aeroplane. The airport was nearby and during the take off the Planes were completely in my mobile camera’s range. And then after 2.5 half hours finally I boarded the bus again.

I called my brother to know how is my aunt, surprisingly she was out of ICU and was stable . Woow. everything was right now. Then when bus stopped for dinner at a motel, I was stunned to see a bunch of beautiful girls in the bus, and then this last single upper berth is my favorite So I got that berth too. that couple with the irritating baby was also not on the bus. Wooow! So finally it was an experience which made this saying true. “Jo bhi hota hai Acche ke Liye Hi hota hai”. Now my Aunt is recovering and has discharged from the hospital.

So this was my bad experience of a Journey. Yes, Travel is probably the thing I love the most (As of now more than any girl). During this bad journey I got to learn how to handle myself in a bad state of mind, How to be calm in worst days when everything seems against you and how to handle the funny incident. In the end I will just say that I survived that journey!!!






शाळा आणि शाळेतले मित्र! प्रत्येक माणसाच्या आयुष्यातील हा एक अतिशय प्रिय विषय असतो! आम्ही असे होतो आम्ही तसे होतो वगैरे वगैरे वगैरे!

“नाही मी इथे काही निबंध लिहायचा प्रयत्न करत नाहीये, कारण इथे मार्क्स मिळणार नाहीयेत”

प्रत्येक जण असे किंवा तसे होतेच पण प्रत्येकाच्या आयुष्यात शाळेत गट्टी जमलेला एक मित्र असतोच. जिवाभावाचा, चड्डी बडी!!!

शाळा!!! ह्याची सुरुवात सुद्धा रडत होते आणि शेवट सुद्धा! माझ्या बाबतीत काही वेगळं नव्हतं. माझी सुरुवात तर एवढी रडकी होती की अगदी पहिली ते दुसरी पर्यंत हे रडगाणं चाललं..  आवडायचीच नाही! सकाळी उठताना हसरा चेहरा आणि नंतर प्रत्येक तासागणिक चेहरा वाकडा व्हायचा तो 10 वाजता एवढा वाकडा व्हायचा की अस वाटेल एकाचवेळी मला 50 पोरींनी नकार दिला आहे.  कस बस मला ओढत ओढत शाळेत अक्षरशः ढकललं जायचं. मला पहिली आणि दुसरी मधलं फारसं काही आठवत नाही. पण एवढं आठवतंय की आमच्या बिल्डिंग मधली सर्वजण एकाच शाळेत होती, त्यामुळे सगळी मोठी, छोटी मुलं एकत्र शाळेत जायचो. माझ्या रडगाण्यामुळे सगळी मोठी मुलं मला ओढत ओढत शाळेत घेऊन जायचे आणि आणि एखाद्या कैद्या ला जसं आत टाकलं जात तसं मला वर्गात टाकयचे! झाली सुरू शाळा! जसा वेळ जायचा आणि घड्याळाच्या काट्यात 4 वाजत यायचे तस तस माझा चेहरा परत फुलायचा. 4 वाजता शाळा सुटायची घंटा वाजली की माझा चेहरा एवढा फुलायचा जणू 100 सुंदर मुलींनी एकाच वेळेस होकार दिला आहे! शाळा चुकविण्यासाठी जी काही कारणं बनवायचो ती म्हणजे अशक्य होती!

आई माझ्या पायाला खाज सुटली आहे मला चालता येत नाही.

आई मला कुठला तरी कीडा चावला आहे हाताला, बघ किती लाल झालंय…

आई पलीकडच्या बिल्डिंग मधले आजोबा वारले!

शेवटी दुसरीनंतर बाबांनी ठरवलेल्या नवीन उद्योगधंद्याकरिता शहर बदलावे लागले. आधीच बऱ्यापैकी घरकोंबड्या स्वभावामुळे तसे मित्र कमीच, शाळेशी फार काही जमत नव्हतंच, त्यामुळे मला काही फार वाईट नाही वाटलं ह्या घटनेचं!

शहराबरोबर राज्य सुद्धा बदललं गेलं! सगळंच नवीन, बर त्यावर एक भाषा पण थोपली गेली! अहो काय संबंध! त्यावेळेस (अर्थात आज पण) आपल्या हातात काही नव्हतंच!

आता जुन्या शहरात, एवढी लोकं होती की कधी काही वाटायचंच नाही पण इथं नवीन शहरात मात्र एकटं वाटायला लागले होते!

आता इथं नवीन शहरापेक्षा माझी मोठी काळजी होती ती नवीन शाळा!!! आता इथं काय कारण बनवायची??? पहिल्या दिवशी आम्ही आपले साधी टी शर्ट चड्डी घालून शाळेत! आपली उंची तशी कमीच, मग काय पहिल्या बाकड्यावर मला बसवलं! अगदी फेविकोल लावून चिकटवाव तस मी बसलो, गप मान खाली घालून! पहिले काही दिवस फार काही बोलायचो नाही, गप शाळेत जायचं आणि परत घरी! नवीन रेनकोट मिळाला आहे, हेच एक आनंदाच कारण समजून आयुष्य जगत होतो! अक्षरशः केविलवाणी अवस्था!!!

आम्ही पहिल्यांदा आमच्या कारखान्याजवळच घर घेतलं होतं, थोडं शहराच्या बाहेर, पण अगदी 3 ते 4 दिवसातच घर बदलून आम्ही शहराच्या मध्यभागात रहायला आलो! सगळंच एकदम जवळ! शाळा तर चालत 5 मिनिटाच्या अंतरावर!!!

पहिला दिवस नवीन घरात काढला आणि पुढचा  दिवस शनिवार होता. दुपारी आलो आणि अचानक आईने हाक मारली. म्हटली तुझ्या वर्गातला एक मुलगा आपल्या गल्लीतच राहतो! मी म्हटलं बरं! कोण आहे हा? मी तर आपण आपल बाकड, आपली वही, आणि आपलं पुस्तक ह्यापुढे काही बघायचोच नाही. पहिल्या 4 दिवसात मला फक्त माझ्या बाकावर बाजूला बसणार मुलगा माहीत होता! बाकी कोणाचं तोंड पण बघितलेलं नव्हतं!

आता म्हटलं चला बघू हा कोण आहे हा..! अचानक एक माझ्यापेक्षा एका इंचानी उंच कुरळे केस आणि मला माझा खेळ सोडून का यायला लावलं म्हणून थोडासा चिडलेल्या अविर्भावात तो आला!

माझं नाव ऋषिकेश, तुझं? मी अमोल मोटार!

हे आडनाव पहिल्यांदाच ऐकले होते! काय करू हसू तर आवरत नव्हते. पण नंतर ओळख झाली, आणि सोमवारपासून आपण एकत्र शाळेला जाऊ असं ठरलं! चला कोणीतरी मित्र मिळाला, ह्यामुळे मी खूष होतो!

सोमवारी 10.30 वाजता अचानक एक जोरात हाक ऐकू आली….

ऐ ऋषिकेशssssssssssss

ती एक हाक, इतकी भारी होती की मी विसरलोच की आपल्याला आज काहीतरी कारण बनवायचं आहे, आणि मी दप्तर घेऊन पळत पळत खाली! समोर अमोल, माझी वाट बघत! का ते माहीत नाही पण त्यानंतर पुन्हा कधी शाळेत न जाण्यासाठी काही कारण शोधायची गरज भासली नाही! मग मात्र हे रोजचंच होऊन गेलं! अमोल जिथं रहायचा तीथं आजूबाजूला बरीच घरं होती. खरंतर एक मोठ्या व्हरांड्यात यायला जायला म्हणून मध्ये एक छोटासा रस्ता ठेवला आहे, आणि आजूबाजूला जोडून  कवलारू घरं! जिथं हा मधला रस्ता संपायचा तिथं अमोल सर्वात शेवटच्या मोठ्या घरी रहायचा. आणि माझं लवकर आटोपलं, की मी तिथं जाऊन हाक मारायचो! हाक कसली, थोडक्यात शिमगा च करायचो, कारण ह्याला एका हाकेत ऐकू गेलं तर मित्र कसला!

गट्टी जमली! आम्ही शाळेत एकत्र जायचो आणि घरी परतताना पण एकत्र! घरी परत येतानाची एक वेगळीच गम्मत! संध्याकाळी 5 वाजता शाळा सुटायची! पण आम्ही घरी पोहोचायचो तेव्हा नेहमी घड्याळात 6 वाजले असायचे! ते 6 कसे वाजायचे हे आम्हाला आजपर्यंत न उलगडलेलं कोड आहे! पण काही काही गोष्टी आठवत आहेत, जस आमच्या वाटेत एक प्रचंड मोठं आणि जूनं वडाचे झाड होतं. त्याच्या पारंब्यांवर लटकून झोका घेणं, किंवा उगाच रस्ता क्रॉस करत बसणं, हे असले उद्योग चालायचे! आई नेहमी प्रश्न विचारायची एवढा वेळ करतोस काय, आणि कपडे एवढे घाण कसे होतात?

Credits: Mayboli

सख्या-तुक्या ची जोडी होती आमची! अर्थातच शाळा पण एक म्हटल्यावर क्लास पण एकाच ठिकाणी असणार. बाजूच्या गल्लीत, “साधना क्लास”. इथं पण तीच टवाळखोरी! रस्ता 2 मिनिटांचा पण घर गाठायला 15 मिनिटं! बऱ्याचदा माझी बहिण सुद्धा आमच्या बरोबरच क्लास वरून घरी यायची.

ताई बरोबर असली की 2 मिनिटांचा रस्ता 2 मिनिटातच संपायचा… पण आम्ही हुशार! बरोबर हुशारीने आम्ही ताईला चकवायचो, पण ज्या दिवशी चकवायला चुकलो, त्यादिवशी मात्र आमची धांदल उडायची. मग ताईगिरीचा धाक दाखवून पुन्हा घरी.

बर कस होत, ताईला अंदाज होता आमच्या टवाळखोरीचा त्यामुळे गप मान खाली घालून पुन्हा घरी, नाहीतर आई बाबांना नाव सांगेन, ही धमकी तर तयारच असायची… अर्थात सगळं काळजीपोटी असलं तरीही!

अमोल खेळात तरबेज! अभ्यास वगैरे करायचा असतो, किंवा तशी काही गोष्ट असते वगैरे काही माहीतच नाही. परीक्षेच्या दिवशी सकाळी उठलं आणि थेट वर्गात जाऊन बसलं, काहीतरी पेपर मध्ये लिहिलं आणि परत घरी येऊन हा गडी खेळायला मोकळा!  ह्याउलट मी थोडा अभ्यासू. परिक्षेच्या वेळी अमोलला अभ्यासासाठी माझ्या घरी धाडलं जायचं! 10 मिनिट अभ्यास होतो की नाही तेवढ्यात घरात असलेला बॉल शोधून  ह्याची आदळआपट सुरू. दुपारी बाबा घरी आले की माझ्या बाबांबरोबर घरी क्रिकेट खेळणं म्हणजे दिनक्रमच जणू! एक दिवस परीक्षेनंतर अमोलच्या घरी मी जेवत होतो, तेव्हा अमोलच्या वडीलांनी अचानक येऊन माझ्या पाठीवर थाप मारली आणि म्हटले ऋषिकेश मुळे आमचा अमोल अभ्यास करायला लागला. मी म्हटलं हे असं कुठं आहे तो तर हुशारच आहे. (अर्थात तेव्हा मला ह्याने ह्याआधी लावलेले दिवे माहीत नव्हते ते नंतर कळले)

चौथी मध्ये आम्हाला शाळेत जाताना आई 5 रुपये द्यायची, खूप होते. आमचा त्यावेळचा सर्वात आवडता पदार्थ म्हणजे शाळेत गाडीवर फक्त २ रुपयात मिळणारी भेळ. शाळा सुटताना आम्ही आठवड्यातून दोन वेळा तरी ही भेळ खायचो! स्वादिष्ट, चविष्ट वगैरे सगळी विशेषण कमी पडतील एवढी सुंदर! शाळेच्या मागील बाजूस रेल्वे स्टेशन होतं, मग काय कधी लहर आली की आम्ही रेल्वेच्या रुळांवरून उड्या मारत मारत घरी! एकदा आईला कळलं की आम्ही रुळांवरून येतोय, त्यावेळेस आम्हा दोघांना सुद्धा समोर बसवून अतिषय थोडक्या शब्दात आईने फटकेबाजी केली होती. त्यापुढच्या 2 दिवस तर आम्ही रस्त्यावरून पण 10 मिनिटात घरी पोहोचलो होतो! पण फक्त दोनच दिवस!


हे सगळं पुढचे 3 वर्ष चालू होतं. नंतर आम्ही पुन्हा घर बदलले आणि थोडं लांब रहायला गेलो, तेव्हा मात्र ते एकटेपण पहिले काही दिवस पुन्हा जाणवत होतं, पण रोज शाळेत भेट व्हायचीच. नंतर 7वी ते 10वी आम्ही शाळेच्या टीम कडून एकत्र क्रिकेट खेळलो. पण तो जो काळ होता तो परत नाही आला! आणि जसं गावातील ते घर सोडलं तस अमोल बरोबर आणखी सुद्धा वर्गातील अनेक मित्र होते त्यांच्याशी माझी गट्टी जमली.

आमची पिढी ही तंत्रज्ञान आणि जुना काळ ह्याच्या बॉर्डर वरची होती! मोबाईल नवीन होते पण ते तेव्हा फक्त फोन करणे आणि उचलणे, एव्हढ्या करताच वापरले जायचे! (मेसेज करणं पण फारस प्रचलित नव्हतं) पण कधी कधी वाटतं की आजसारखा स्मार्टफोन असता तर?? तर त्या काळाच आज एवढं अप्रूप नसतं वाटलं! कुठल्या तरी फोल्डर मध्ये त्या आठवणी पडल्या असत्या ज्याला क्वचितच कधीतरी पाहिलं गेलं असत! पण आज त्या सर्व गोष्टी मनाच्या एका कोपऱ्यात साठवल्या आहेत. आज त्यांना पुन्हा डोळ्यासमोर आणण्यासाठी कुठल्या यंत्राची गरज खरंच नाहीये!

10वी ची परीक्षा संपल्याच्या दुसऱ्या दिवशीच आम्ही पुन्हा शहर बदलणार होतो. शहर बदलायचे हे महित होते पण इतक्यात? हि गोष्ट जाणून बुजून घरच्यांनी लपवून ठेवली होती! परीक्षा संपली त्यादिवशी पुन्हा न जाणताच आमच्याकडून पुन्हा त्याच जुन्या काळाची पुनरावृत्ती झाली. परीक्षा संपल्यावर एकमेकांवर शाई उडवत सायकल असूनसुद्धा अमोलच्या घरी जायला दीड तास तरी सहज लागला असेल. नंतर अमोलच्या घरी जाऊन त्याच्या आईने केलेली मेथी ची भाजी आणि भाकरी अक्षरशः चोपून पुन्हा आमची स्वारी निघाली शहरभ्रमणाला!!! नंतर अंधार झाल्यावर जेव्हा घरी आलो तेव्हा “आपण उद्या येथून निघतोय” असा बॉम्ब माझ्यावर पडला! मी आईला म्हटलं अगं आई उद्या आम्ही सगळे मित्र पिक्चर ला जाणार आहे! पुढच्या दिवशी सकाळी घरच्या लँडलाईन वर फोन आला, आणि मी सांगितलं की नाही मी आजच शहर सोडून चाललो आहे, आणि तुम्ही मजा करा!!! परत कधी ह्यांना भेटेन का नाही असा विचार मनात येतोय तेवढ्यात अमोल, क्षितिज आणि सूरज माझ्या समोर उभे होते! सगळं घरातील सामान ह्या लोकांच्या मदतीने काही मिनिटातच आवरलं गेलं! त्यावेळी एकूणच मनात काय चाललं होत हे कळत नव्हत!

मला जुना काळ आणि आजचा नवीन काळ ह्यात कदापि तुलना करायची नाही! आजच्या तंत्रज्ञानामुळेच आम्ही मित्र अजूनही संपर्कात आहोत! परवाच अमोल आणि मी व्हाट्सऍप वर बोलत असताना अमोल म्हटला,

तू आणि ताईने मला त्या दिवशी क्लास वरून येताना समजावून सांगितलं की अभ्यास करण गरजेचं आहे, आणि तो माझ्या आयुष्यातील टर्निंग पॉईंट होता. आणि खर सांगावं तर अमोल मला जर भेटला नसता तर कदाचित आयुष्यात शाळा सुद्धा मजेशीर असू शकते आणि मैत्री काय असते हे कळलं नसत, आणि हा माझ्या आयुष्यातला टर्निंग पॉईंट होता! आम्ही साधना क्लास सोडल्यावर, तिकडच्या बाईंची आणि अमोलच्या आईची भेट झाली तेव्हा त्या म्हटलेल्या अमोल आणि ऋषिकेश म्हणजे आमच्या क्लास चे दोन हिरे होते! आणखी काय पाहिजे!!!

हे सगळं परवा बोलताना अक्षरशः त्या जुन्या काळात हरवून गेलो होतो! खरंतर लोकं म्हणतात की पहिलं प्रेम विसरल जात नाही (जे मला पटत नाही ही गोष्ट वेगळी) पण त्या प्रेमापेक्षा पण मला वाटत की ती पहिली शाळेतली मैत्री असते ती तुटणं अशक्य असत आणि जरी तुटली तरी पुन्हा त्यासारखी निख्खळ मैत्री होणं खरंच शक्य नसतं. आज जरी माझ्या नंतरच्या आयुष्यात जीवाला जीव देणारे मित्र मला भेटले असतील पण अमोलशी असणारी मैत्री ही आजही ही सर्वात जास्त प्रिय आहे!

ह्याच महत्वाचं कारण असे की तेव्हा मैत्री ह्या शब्दाचा अर्थ पण नव्हता माहीत, अपेक्षा किंवा एकमेकांमध्ये स्पर्धा वगैरे काही गोष्टी अस्तित्वातच नव्हत्या. आणि त्या आजही नाहीत! शाळा संपल्यानंतर अमोलशी फक्त एकदाच भेट झाली, पण आता कामामुळे थोडक्यात चुकामुक होणं वगैरे चालूच आहे. लवकरच पुन्हा भेट होईल ही खात्री आहे.


10,000 KMS.

I was away from blogging for last one year. It’s been a year since I had posted my last blog and now I am back with this new blog. You guys must have understood from the title that this blog is about travelling. Yes, 10,000 kms. A personal milestone! Will tell you more about how I achieved this milestone, in how much duration, the reason of so much traveling and the modes I used to travel.

I left my previous job in February this year. It was a special move. On 19th February, I officially started two journeys. One is the train journey from Pune to Delhi for my training and other one is the long one with the new company. It was officially the first day of my new job. I spent my first day of new job on-board 12780, Goa Express. Usually people start their first day of job in an office. and me, in a train. What a start to a new job. Pretty soon I realized that this job will take me to the places.

After spending 25 hours alone in that amazing train journey, I was at Hazrat Nizamudding Station on the next morning.

Window Seat
Landscape Somewhere in Madhya Pradesh…

It was my first experience of Delhi. “Rajdhani”!!! As I came out of the station I started to feel something different. My mind was totally lost in the history. I was in a city, which was and is the center of this huge country for ages. This city has experienced almost everything… The great Kings, furious battles, dynasties, independence, the integration of a nation and some of the greatest public movements. Woow, I was about to become a part of the history.

At first, you fall in love with this city. Huge roads, greenery all around. And after sometime I seen the bad side of this city, the horrible traffic and in-disciplined drivers… Haha… My official trip was of only two days. From station, I directly went to the office… I had to leave this city on next day. No such sightseeing was done, it was thoroughly an official trip.

On the 21st February, I left the office in the evening and headed straight to the AIRPORT. Ohh yes! It was my first experience of the flight. I was super excited. On-board with a hell lot of baggage. (All the official materials which were needed for the job) As it was my first flight experience, I was totally unaware of the formalities on the airport, but thanks to the wonderful airport facilities and signboards, I was able to get it through hassle free. Delhi Airport, one of the finest in India and Asia.

A middle seat is all I got, its okay it didn’t mattered to me much because I was enjoying every moment. I boarded the plane, and yes the air-hostess were beautiful. It took us half hour to reach the runway. While moving towards the runway, on a turn I realized that we were an ant in the line. Lot of flights were lined up to take-off.

And we were on the runway, ready to go. In fraction of moment, our plane took the speed of a bullet and before I can think of anything, we lifted off… Goosebumps!!! I felt the Gravity was playing games with my body… Wooow, these few minutes were memorable. After 2 hours we landed in Pune and finally the trip came to an end. As I landed in the Pune, I knew that the real journey is about to start. (I loved the take-off more than landing)

In the month of March I didn’t travelled much. It was the time of understanding what I have to do and plan how I am going to execute. But yes, A challenge was thrown to me in the second week of my job and it was to visit Ahmadabad for one of the important presentations. Talking about Ahmadabad, it’s my second most favorite city after Pune. I finished my work by 4 PM and had an evening to do some sightseeing. Lucky enough to meet an auto wala who was good enough and took me to some very good places of Ahmadabad.

Sabarmati RIverfront, Ahmadabad!!!

It was the month of April when I accelerated my work… I understood what I had to do and started visiting the places.

Indian Railways!!!
A Photo captured on Mumbai Pune Rail Route!!!

In the month of May, again 11 cities. But this time, Summer really hit me hard. I remember when I was traveling to Ahmadnagar, the temperature was around 43℃. And  I was in a Non AC bus. That was the worst experience of transit ever. I was dying in that bloody heat and then traffic made me wait for 1.5 extra hours. There was moment in Kolhapur when I had a gap of 4 hours between two meetings and while searching for a shelter in the afternoon, I felt like having a vertigo. But all these difficult situations taught me many things.

Showing your toughness in the wild while trekking is different and handling these situations is totally different.

The Heroes!!!
Even in 43 degree temperature this man sitting beside the engine in his cockpit is calmly driving the bus.

In the end of the month I was hit by Acidity and major heat problems. It was really hard but it didn’t stopped me from working. It took long to recover but yes, “when going gets tough, the tougher gets going” was the case with me may be.

Going through the Mountains!!
Deccan Queen express in Bor Ghat!!!

On the eve of my birthday, while traveling to Nashik from Dhule, I completed my 10,000kms. Mark exact after the four months of joining.

Travel Modes and Stats:

1. Flights – Delhi to Pune 1173 Kms.

2. Train: Pune to Delhi and Mumbai: 2200 Kms.

3. Bus : (ST and Private) : So many places. 6879 kms.

MSRTC took this step to run “Shivshahi” buses, affordable buses with AC facility… Good service but little slow.

Shivshahi Bus: Credits: Esakal.com

I took Private buses on very few occasions, in my Ahmadabad trip and when I went to Jalgaon from Pune. But yes it was ST in which I did the maximum traveling.


Everybody wishes that there should be a love story attached to the journeys. But sadly, in my journey’s only on 3 occasions there were some good looking girls in the same bus or train. While traveling to Mumbai, then Ahmadabad and then Jalgaon. Hahaha!!! hey God ab to mujhe mere pyar se milva de…

If I ever meet Imtiaz Ali I am going to punch him hard. Come on man why you show the love stories which happens over a journey. That only happens on – screen. In reality, we get some snoring, aged people on the seat beside… 😀 😀 😀

Well, this has been a life changing experience for me so far. I have learnt tons of things which are going to help me in future. I am dealing with the government officers and it’s the most difficult task. But slowly I am getting the ideas to tackle this.

Travelling with the burden of work is totally different. It’s different than the ones you travel for the holidays. It’s the pressure of work which keeps you awake all the time. You can’t sleep at time, managing work even when the resources are almost nil. But yes, with all these thing I am doing it and I am loving what I am doing. I am sure in the near future I will produce something valuable in this job.

I don’t get much time to go around in a city and visit the famous spots. But yes, when I will visit them again I am pretty sure of being comfortable in any of the scenario.

I also got a chance to visit my friend’s places in many of the cities. Getting home cooked food on a tour is such a bliss. It IS euphoric and relaxes my appetite. Besides friends I met many people in my journey. Now I have a lot of contacts of auto wala’s in different cities, the hotels list and also some people who will suggest me local spots for mini quick breaks. I am well known by many of the drivers and conductors of the ST buses too…

Being in transit is my relaxing point. After all the work, when I start my return journey its the moments of relaxation. It doesn’t matter how tired I am. For most of the people their day starts at 9.30 and ends at 6, but for me, my day starts at 5.30 in the morning and ends at 11 in the night.

Yes, at this point of time I do consider myself as a traveller. may it be for the official purpose but yes, I am a traveller.


PS. I cannot upload all the photos I took during my journey. To watch all my photos follow me on instagram. – @panya_rk

A Journey In Search of Passion!!!

Some places have unique power of attraction in them. Whatever the situation is you cannot stop yourself visiting those places. You can’t figure out what is your relation with that place. Everybody have atleast one place like this in their life!
I met with the same kind of feeling when I was assigned a task. Yes, this time I was deployed to work on “Raigad”, the Capital of the Maratha Empire!!! It was an honor!

Raigad is very close to every Maharashtrian’s heart. It was the Capital of Maratha Empire which was established by The Great Shivaji Maharaj. It is grand and huge, a stand alone mountain with the area of certain square kms. visiting it is an experience of lifetime.

Journey started on an amazing note! We took the Tamhini ghat route, a ghat which is one of the scenic place which go through the Tamhini Forest Reserve.

First Stop: GarudMachi!!!

We were fortunate to have Mr. Paranjape, who is one of the founder of this amazing place. Guys, if you are looking for some change, it is highly recommended!!! We had some breakfast over there with this amazing view!

After crossing Tamhini, we entered in the Konkan region. We were now heading towards Mahad, on the NH 66, Mumbai – Goa highway! Smooth road with the lush greenery on both side of the road.

At Mahad, we joined another team which was coming from Mumbai. United and Excited, we now left this highway and took the road to Raigad!
We were on schedule! To save the time we took Rope Way to reach the top. I was riding the Rope Way after so long, it gave me goosebumps. Although it’s totally safe, but the monster inside the mind troubles you for the first few moments of the ride.

Whooo! I was on Raigad after nearly 19 years. I climbed this fort when I was a small kid. This was an incredible moment, I really felt humbled. My mind was gathering all the memories of that childhood trip and I was recognising the places on the forts which I had visited! Sharp Memory Indeed!!!

We had our rooms booked at the MTDC resort of the fort. The plan was to stay for 4 days. We started our work for the day Post Lunch.

My schedule was really tight. We started it on thursday, but on friday I had to go back to Mumbai to attend a conference and then again come back at the fort for Saturday and Sunday!

So I didn’t had much time on thursday. We started our work from southern side. The Hirkani Buruj Side. I was in hurry and had to cover much more area so I had to move faster, so I can cover as much area as possible. Last bus to Mahad was at 4PM from base village.

So, I completed my part of the work in the area and was heading back to the resort to take my luggage. I was running really fast on that uneven terrain. While descending a slope I lost my balance and the next moment I was on the ground. My left leg was slipped and I had a cramp in the left anckle!!! I was on ground and was in shock for a minute. Then I felt an unbearable pain in my left leg. I removed the shoe and the left ankle was swollen. My ankle was doubled than its original size.

My teammate’s rushed towards me. I tried to stand up but I failed twice but third time I made it. However I had to move, because I had no option. The resort was still on a fair distance. I decided to forgot that any such thing was happened and tried to move forward. Somehow I reached the resort. I sat down for a minute! When I tried to stand up, I fall down! Finally on third attempt, I stood up and moved ahead.

To get to the ropeway platform, I had to descend some steps! The pain was really killing me. Somehow I managed. In the end I missed the bus by few minutes! Now I had to reach Mahad for my further journey. There were no 6 seaters too. Luckily I got a lift where I got little space in the backside of a van. But that van dropped me on Mumbai Goa highway!

Due to that little space in the van, the sweeling was increased. It was the test of my mental strength more than my actual physical strength. I asked a tea vendor nearby, how long is the Bus Station? He said its just 5 minutes away! I didnt got any vehicle or lift to reach Bus station. This was the worst part. I started walking towards the bus stand, and finally after half an hour of continous walking with the pain, I reached bus stand. Then I realised I walked for almost 1.5 Kms. This was an impossible task really! But then I reminded the brave stories of King Shivaji & His Brave Soldiers, who had fought some unimaginable wars to establish the Swarajya! This gave me enough strength for next 4 days.

I was trying hard to ignore the pain. I had a plan to go to Mumbai but instead of going there, I took the bus of Pune because of timings. It saved my time. Bus took nearly 5 hours to reach Pune. I didnt told my parents about my leg! Around 12AM, I reached home. But I dont know how but my Mom knew that something has happened to me. As I removed my shoe, both mom and dad were in shock.

My mother did some medication to my leg and she started her speech, you are not going anywhere, look at your leg, why are you so careless, why you had to run so fast???? It took me nearly an hour to convince her. Somewhere she always understood about how important that work is to me and how noble it is.

At very next day, I had to travel Mumbai. Taxi arrived at 6AM. No sufficient sleep. Even I was in doubt whether I will make it or not. The intensity of pain was same as the last day. Somehow everything went good.

After finishing the conference, it was the time to head back to the fort. I got a bus at 4PM which shattered all my hopes of reaching fort on the same night. So I reached Mahad around 9PM and then stayed at a lodge. Lying on the bed and watching TV and thinking about how did I survived such pain. Ofcourse, I was Tired and exhausted! I fall asleep! Much needed rest!

Ready to go! I was so excited to go back on the fort. On the saturday morning I came back to Mahad Bus Stand and caught a jeep to reach Raigad. I was really eager to reach the fort and rejoin team. My patience was over and the pain was almost vanished. Then I realised that the Best way to push yourself is to ignore the pain.

Countryside is always beautiful especially in the early morning. The road was beautiful so as the destination. Cattles were around the road! Finally at 9AM, I reached at the top of the fort. Everybody of my team was surprised to see watch me again. Everybody thaught that I will not come back due to the injury. Everybody welcomed me with a warm smile! The team was relieved to have me back and I was really happy to rejoin them. This made me feel responsible and now all I wanted to do is work hard For next two days. Because I knew that this is a lifetime opportunity and I completed my work with perfection. When I was working, I never realise the pain! but how was that even possible??? 

It took two months for my leg to completely recover. I don’t know how I managed to do it! When I came back to home on thursday and when I was in Mumbai on friday, I was so restless. All I was thinking about is my work and team which was on fort. Was it my mental strength or my strong will? Or was it the charisma of Raigad? Shivaji Maharaj spent their last few years on Raigad and that place has become more sacred for every admirer of him. One can simply feel Maharaj’s presence in the air of Raigad.

The Great Shivaji Maharaj who established swarajya and many of his soldiers who made this possible with their unmatched and unbelievable bravery and utmost galour and with the highest sacrifice! If they did such things 3 centuries ago, then its my duty to do something for them. I think this was the spirit behind my whole journey. The strong will to do something for my King! It was my way to thank my ancestors who fought for us!


” Sometimes unknowingly you do such things which may look unbelievable! And when you try to figure out the reasons behind it, the things stands above all are your passion and faith. If you are passionate, every pain every obstacle means nothing absolutely nothing. “


A Day to remember!

When was the last time you took out some time for yourself?

Talking about me, I don’t remember really. That same day to day life, targets, pressure’s and all bullshit you take on yourself!

When I leave office or I finish the work for the day, few questions create chaos in my mind!

Why am I doing this job? For whom do I do it for? Why am I even killing my happiness for? Why am I not able to give any time to myself? Why, what, for whom? Money???

Maybe Yes! But should I continue living the life in this manner? What about my dreams, what about those promises Which I made to myself?

So true!!!

From last few day’s my mind was totally disturbed!
I needed some good time where I can forget these things and enjoy!

I got a call for a meeting at Mumbai. I was chasing for this meeting from a long time! Ok good. I took leave for a day to attend this meeting. however I knew that, the meeting will not last long more than an hour!

This was it!

I made a plan, and decided to have some fun at Mumbai.

The holi was just over and a long weekend too. So I was well aware that train will be crowded like hell. Usually I don’t make any reservation while travelling to Mumbai as it is the matter of only 3 hours and I enjoy these train rides. But this time it was too much!

I boarded into that chaos. There was no possibility of getting a seat! I had to make some space and stand in the aisle. Because all the doors and lobby nearby were already full. 😂

Journey started with a honking sound of the engine. Train left the platform. I looked around, and I found a pair of beautiful eyes. She was travelling with her mother. Like me, she also had a general ticket. Luckily both of them got a seat. A lady offered them a seat! This woman booked 3 seats but one of them was absent! Lucky I must say.

Now she was sitting in front of me! She and Her mother adjusted themselves on that one seat. In the earlier part of the journey and due to morning time a lot of vendors were walking around the bogies to sell the breakfast snacks. Each time a vendor or passenger pass by, I had to make way for them. Twice my heavy bag hit her, but she was cool! (Some other girl would have beaten me for this) Then I had to look at her, with an apology in my eyes. She replied me with her beautiful smile. She said it’s OK, भीड में चलता है। I was wondered. Such good behavior of her was surprising. I was happy and took forward this complaining conversation about the crowd. Occasionally we were staring at each other. Passing smiles!

We arrived at Lonavla, the first halt. As expected some more people boarded the train. Now it was getting tough for me to stand in the same position. Due to my bag I had to adjust a little. This made me turn my face around to the opposite direction. I wish I could have at least one eye on my neck, So that I can look at her contentiously. She was so beautiful.

As I turned, I was caught in a big confusion. On the other side there was another beautiful girl sitting beside the window. This girl was looking similar to one of my friends. I looked her in confusion. I was not able to decide, whether to call her or to remain quiet.

She was enjoying the beautiful scenery of  the ghats listening to music and suddenly she noticed me. She was little surprise then. It was so crowded that I was not able to take out the phone from my pocket to message my friend to confirm it. (Later, I confirmed that it was not my friend)

Now the first girl was little anxious that I was not able to establish any kind of contact with her. Only when someone is passing by, I had a chance to turn around and look at her. She also tried to grab my attention by pretending that my bag is creating some trouble to her. I was eager to have a chat with her. So, by making some adjustments I turned around and gave a smile to her and she blushed. We were about get involved in a conversation but it was noticed by her mother. OMG! At one side there was the innocent blushed face of that girl, and beside her there was an angry face of her mother. What should I do now? I turned around as fast as I can!

Now my smiling, happy face turned into an idiot’s face. Hahaha, somehow that girl managed to divert her mother’s attention. I was like ” Hey God, why are you so cruel? You always put something When My love story is about to start! Why why why? Helpless me… So it was getting tough for both of us to communicate. By now everybody had enjoyed their breakfast, so not many of the vendors were moving around. I was not able to find any reason to turn around! And her mother was keeping an eye on both of us like she is an FBI agent.

As the train arrived at Panvel, I got a seat. My body was a little tired because of my heavy bag.  Train was a little empty now.

My seat was a row further of her’s. and however there was no chance to re establish that lost connection with her. The FBI agent was well trained, I must say. (Every Indian Mother becomes a spy or a cop when she thinks a boy is staring at her daughter)

From my seat, I was able to see that other look alike girl. However, my body was craving for some rest. So, I decided to take a nap.

At Thane that Second girl was getting off. The train. And now it was her turn to look at me suspiciously. I had  just come out of that little, but deep nap, so I had no clue what is happening around. Watching me in this condition, that look alike girl laughed at my condition before getting off the train. 

Then I remembered of that first girl. The Train was quite empty now. Oh my Love I am coming!!! I stood up and her mother was still on high alert! Hell, her mother knew where I got the seat. No chance at all. I sat down again. They were getting off at Dadar. Dadar station was approaching. Although the door was just three rows away, her mother took her to another door. Of course, To avoid me.

I saw that and ran to the door which was nearby for the final goodbye. That beautiful girl and her spy mother got off the train. I waved my hands in sorrow and She walked away with a sad smile on her face. Heyy God whyyyyy?????

She lost in the crowd and my train was back on the track. Due to heavy traffic it was late by half an hour. Hell man! Now I had some space free my legs and some time to think about what had happened! My list of unsuccessful love stories was increased with that incident. This made me laugh. Laugh hard on myself!!!

Train reached its destination. And I headed to the meeting place. Meanwhile I called my friend Kaustubh who lives in Mumbai to join me post meeting. So we can have some fun around.

As expected Meeting got over in an hour. I was now free and was waiting for Kaustubh at Churchgate. Even in those moments I got a call and I had to send some of my work to my friend! So I found a bench beside road, started my laptop and got that work done. By then Kaustubh arrived.

We both went to marine drive. I put my phone on aeroplane mode to avoid all the calls. This was the time which I wanted to enjoy. Me and Kaustubh had a long chat, cracking jokes and ofcourse clicking photos.

Marine Drive! Beautiful isn’t it!
Fun Time!

I visit Mumbai almost every month but since last few years I never had time to go and relax at my favourite Marine Drive. We were having fun time. Suddenly I thought of visiting Gateway of India. On the next moment we were in the taxi, heading towards gateway. It was almost 9 years since I had last visited the Gateway.

There was so much security around and I felt good about it. We passed the security checkups and entered into the gateway premises. Bunch of photographers were approching us get clicked by them. These photographers have a small printing machine with them. They click a photo and the very next moment you have that photo in your hand.

After refusing them kindly, it was our time to take out our phones for selfie’s.

Gateway of India!!!
One of my favorite!:)

We wanted to visit elephanta caves but time didn’t allowed us to do so. I had to catch Deccan Queen at 17.10 so we rushed back to CST. we had some snacks and a dangerous combo Juice near CST. “Kala khatta with watermelon” it was good. Recommended!👍

After a long long time I had some free time to roam around. Since last few years I am visiting many places for work. I traveled to new cities, but never had time to go and visit any famous place in that city. I always carried the burden of my work with me. So this small time gave me a much needed break and I was refreshed.

We came back to CST. Kaustubh took a local back to his place and I boarded the Deccan Queen. For the first time in my life I did the reservations. Got a window seat. Actually after the morning experience of crowd, I decide to book the seat. I booked the ticket around 13.00hrs in the noon. A lot of seats were available. I knew that train will be empty but this time I decided to travel in comfort.

I was accompanied by three mid age friends and a young boy. Train started and I clicked some selfies and gif’s. Those three musketeer’s were cool and having funny talks. I joined them and was having great time.

Onboard Deccan Queen!!!:)

I was waiting for the servant to place the order of My favorite Cheese Omelette.  After some moments my favorite snacks was in front of me. I closed my phone and put it back in my pocket.

I opened the packet and that aroma satisfied my senses. I was about to have my first bite and suddenly I experience some movement near my legs. Suddenly I felt like something heavy is on my foot. I was not getting what it is. So I waved my foot and on the next moment a Rat was in the air.

Those uncle’s, me and that boy were in shock. Somehow I managed to save my omelette from that Rat. OMG! I was unaware, that a rat was so eager to share this omelette with me. We recovered from the shock and all of us were in laugh with whatever happened. I had never seen rats on Deccan Queen. It is an ISO certificate train. I finished my omelette quickly and tweeted this matter to the official Twitter handle of #IndianRailways

Then came TC. We all cracked a lot of jokes about how a rat can board a train that too ticket less. Also passed some taunts on how TC should collect fine from rats.

Even TC spotted the rat twice while chatting with us. We all had our legs up on the seat. At Karjat help arrived. Railways sent a man from the maintenance department to look after this matter. He came to my seat with his iron stick. I said are you going to kill the rat with this stick? Don’t know whether this was funny, but on the next moment everybody around was laughing. That worker assured us that he will send a man with a rat kill at Lonavala station.

Ghat started. No spotting of rat for a while. And then that young boy  was taking a nap. I was relaxed and bought a cup of tea. OK! Everything was smooth at that moment.

As I took the first sip of my tea, that boy suddenly stood up yelling. Due to this, half of the tea spilled on my shirt.” What Happened”I shouted, he said the rat was on the seat. Ohh god every time I buy something to eat or drink, this bloody rat wants to join me!

At Lonavala, another worker came with a rat kill. We left Lonavala and rat kill seemed to be ineffective. After troubling us, rat gone to further compartments. Everybody from the our side of the bogie had their legs up on their seat. After this hilariously thrilling journey, finally we reached the destination.

Me along with those three 50+, musketeers got off at Shivaji Nagar. We didn’t asked each others names. But yes while having a goodbye, I said we don’t need an introduction now. Whenever we will see each other, we can identify each other by “that rat on Deccan Queen “.

This is the beauty of Indian Railways. You will meet a lot of new people and you ll remember them forever because of some funny incidents!

At the end of the day I came to know, how important it is to take out some time for myself.

Live your life like a human and not like a machine! Don’t forget to laugh and most important Don’t be so hard at yourself. Take everything lightly. Life is all about being happy . Cherish every little moment.


Travel Mode Review: Pune – Kolhapur – Pune

Pune to Kolhapur distance is 240 kms. There are multiple options available to travel on this route. MSRTC offers the cheapest of them all. Around  ₹250  for ordinary Parivartan bus. Famously known as Lal Dabba. Non stop Hirkani or Asiad services are also offered by MSRTC.

Talking about Railways, there are 5 daily and 3 weekly trains available. But due to long duration nobody prefers Railways on this route. So this blog is mainly concentrated on bus services.

Hirkani Service:

Non AC semi luxury buses. Some of them with “Push Back ” seats. The best thing about it is frequency. A bus on every half hour.

Hirkani Bus!!!

I travelled a lot on this route in last 2 months. First bus is on 5.30hrs. so if you are on one day trip this bus is the most suitable.

Duration: 5 hours minimum.

Fare: ₹340

The fare is good. Service is also good.

MSRTC also offers Shivneri service on this route. An AC Volvo and Scania service.


There are 3 trips from both ways!

Duration: 5 hours

Fare: ₹650

Its fine with duration but fare is way too high. Amenities offered is only Charging Point.

Now lets go towards Private Operators.

Konduskar, Neeta and Ghatge Patil are the most preffered operators on this route.

I had travelled With Konduskar in recent times. It was a good experience.

In my childhood days, Konduskar was a very reliable brand. Traveling with Konduskar was always considered as a royal experience. But today Konduskar have lost it’s credibility. And bad staff behaviour was also a matter of concern.

A Volvo of Konduskar!!!

Duration: 4.15 hrsFare: ₹400

The fare and duration of Neeta snd Ghatge Patil is same. Neeta offers Multi axle Volvo and Rhino buses.

Multi Axle Volvo of Neeta Travels!!! Credits: Original Photographer.

Ghatge Patil have Mercedes-Benz buses. The ratings and reviews of Ghatage Patil on redbus are better than other two. Next time I would like to travel with Ghatge Patil.

Mercedes-Benz bus of Ghatge Patil. Credits: Original Photographer!!!

Ticket Booking Platform:

I used redbus.in to book my tickets for private operators. As per my experience, it is a very reliable source. Most of the Private Operators accept M-Ticket and multiple sources of digital payments are available including Paytm. So its better to go Digital and Cashless.

The best thing about redbus is that you can book the ticket even before 15 minutes of departure. It also offers an ICICI lombard insurance in ₹20 only. All the amenities which were shown on website are verified. Highly recommended one. Thumbs up for redbus.


  • MSRTC is the cheapest but time consuming.
  • Shivneri is not prefferable because of high fares. Even KSRTC Airavat offers service in ₹400.
  • Private services are cheaper & faster. 
  • Only ₹60 more than Hirkani Service and you will save 1 hour. Amenities like AC, Movie and Charging Point are also available. 
  • I am very sure that Shivneri will soon run out of this competition.
  • Hirkani service is still very good because of it’s frequency.
  • Konduskar did not have much better service. Ghatge Patil and NEETA is better.
  • I will always prefer private operators before MSRTC.
  • MSRTC have a great chance in AC bus segment on this route but due to its rigid policies, it is loosing the competition.
  • After 19.00 hrs, the frequency of MSRTC hirkani for Kolhapur to Pune is low. All other buses are for long routes. Especially Mumbai.
  • Railway is not a good option because of duration. Even the fastest train on this route takes Minimum 7 hours .
  • Redbus also offers to book MSRTC buses along with private operators. It is highly recommended to book your tickets!

So when next time you will travel on this route, consider this blog and choose your Travel Operator carefully. After all Journey is as important as the destination.

Read More about my experiences:

It’s All About Getting That Perfect Seat!!!

Note: all recommendations and conclusions are based on my own analysis and experiences.


Zero’th Mile of India..!

Yes! This time my job landed me directly at the Geographic center of my own country: India!


Yaayy. 709 kms. From Pune. I think I have never done such a continuous journey for this long! I was about to experience A lot of new experiences!

This time my journey started on a slightly different mode! I reached the boarding point. Bus was yet to arrive. I looked around and my eyes caught a beautiful girl waiting inside the waiting room! I thought, she is going to board the same bus and I was right! The Bus arrived! We went towards the bus to board but it was loading the couriers and they asked us to wait. I came back to waiting room. She followed me! We were standing near the waiting room. Then I looked at her and she was a bit confused and little worried. As if She was waiting for someone! And I was right! There came a boy…

She went to him running. And I saw a sigh of relief on her face! As you might have already guessed:he was her boyfriend! Hahaha..!

Meanwhile I had a plan ready in my mind about How will I approach her, how I will go on and Try to get her…! Being Single is all about day dreaming and then watching your dreams shatter right before your eyes!

I forget that thing in a moment cause my favorite first row seat was waiting for me! As always I booked the best seat in the bus! I was a bit curious about the seat the girl had got on the bus! And I was right! She was in the first row of the left side and I was on the right! (Usually the left first row is reserved for women)

And the fun began! As we left Pune city and touched highway, Suddenly the conductor called me! I was in the cockpit area and I asked him what had happened? He said, he can’t connect the tv to the usb port and was unable to play the movie. He and the driver asked me if I can do anything about it!

And the circus began! I was removing and attaching cables from all the plugs of the LCD. and then the driver , conductor and me started cracking jokes! It was damn funny. I was trying everything, I also lost balance twice but luckily didn’t get injured. Finally we decided to give up on this matter for a while and try when we take a halt for dinner. I stayed in the cockpit for sometime! And then came back to sit! Meanwhile I noticed, a thing. That girl was giving attention to me and listening to all my conversations with driver!

We had our first halt at a food mall near Ahmednagar! I got off the bus. Got fresh. Then came to the token counter and ordered my food. I was about to receive my food and again my eyes caught her! She was sitting alone at a table eating Sandwiches. We had an eye contact! Her eyes were so beautiful! Then I noticed her body language. She was a little insecure. May be because she was traveling alone! The more i thought of it, the more i became sure if the fact that she feels safe when I am around her! So while in food mall premises we both were around each other. Again we boarded the bus! Ready for the departure!

TV started, and so did the movie! And I was again in the cockpit. Aurangabad arrived! And some passengers were about to board. That girl was on no. 4 seat and no. 3 was empty. Driver came to her and asked her to remove her bag from seat no. 3. that was the moment when I realized her insecurity. She asked the driver who is taking the seat beside her! The Driver was busy and was not able to listen her little sweet voice. She looked at me with somewhat tensed face.

I got up from my seat and Asked the driver in a little louder voice about who was boarding on seat no. 3. And he said an aged women will grab that seat! I looked at her and she seemed relieved. I saw the sense of gratitude in her eyes! We smiled at each other.

Everybody slept when the movie had finished. We both looked at each other before falling asleep. I opened my eyes around 6.00 hours. We were in Amravati and it was relly cold outside. As all the people outside the bus had wrapped themselves in shawls!

That old woman was off the bus to take a stroll. And some people were waiting to board the bus. That girl also woke up! A man among the new passengers was actually trying to get the seat beside that her. He was a bit arrogant in nature. The Girl got scared! I told him politely about that the old woman had already occupied that seat. He did not listen to me and girl became more tensed. I got off my seat in aggression. The scene was about to get worst but suddenly the Driver and conductor intervened and told that person to leave that seat. He refused at first but finally the old woman came inside and he left!

It was a sigh of relief for her and she thanked me! This time with her sweet voice!

We reached Nagpur, and she was about to get off the bus, a stop before me. As she got ready to get off, she looked at me, her eyes had the sense of gratitude and I can sense that she was feeling relaxed. she thanked me again before getting off.

In the end I was satisfied that I was able to make that girl feel secured in throughout the journey. There was no conversation between us,beside a thank you and a welcome! For me it was just a gesture of Humanity!

Later I just choose to forget everything as suddenly my mind got busy with the  workshop I had to take and the meetings I had on the same day! But in the end it was a good feeling!

I was greeted by the regional manager of my company as I got off. We booked a room in a hotel and the hectic schedule started!  I was little tensed about the workshop I had to take. But in the end everything went smoothly.

I came back to the hotel room in the evening. Meanwhile I had “Patawada with Kadhi and Spicy Gravy” a nagpur special snack! It was yummy.

My regional.manager then drove me to the most awesome place in Nagpur! Yes, it was the Zero mile stone, The Geographic Center of India! The car stopped at the signal but I got off the car and had a closer view. This feeling was something else! I was at the perfect center of my country, India! 👍👌 A Beautiful experience,indeed!

Zero’th mile of India…!

I was really tired as I returned to the hotel. On previous day I had a cricket league where I played two matches and the took this 15 hours journey, that too without proper sleep and the work pressure! My body was begging for some rest. I switched on the TV and fell asleep almost immediately. It was 2100 hrs when i woke up and realized that I was hungry. So I got out of the hotel room in search of local food and had a great dinner in a small restaurant. Came back to hotel room, feeling better and satisfied.
The hotel was near the Railway station,due to the central location of Nagpur. It is a really busy junction! So I spent some time watching trains from the window, feeling amused!

Night view of the train!

 Day Two:

The alarm for this day was a different one for me!! It was the Honking of the trains which woke me up! I knew this was the last day of my little trip. It was a packed day with 4 meetings scheduled through the day!

The start of the day was really loud! It was now time for some tea. I believe, If the first tea of the day is perfect, it sets the mood for the day. 

Perfect start for the day!

The start became more perfect with this view from window…

It was special!

The work for the day started! Our all meetings were on the outskirts of Nagpur. So I almost saw half of the Nagpur From car window..!

So the day went as expected and planned! Whenever i got a chance while travelling, i tried to captured more of Nagpur on my phone camera,so that i could have some memories of this trip with me forever! Finally we were back in the city by 19.00 hrs.

Infinity..! Nagpur – Itarsi Route!
An evening in #Nagpur…!
City Center!

I had to board the return bus on 20.30 hours. So we had only 1.30 hour in our hand and I wanted to do a lot of things. First I choose to visit Haldirams outlet and bought a lot of desserts for my friends and family. I wanted to taste the real local food. So, Sir took me too a hotel!

Haha… Drinking is not allowed!

I was eagerly waiting for the food. Because I didn’t had the time for breakfast and lunch. And the aroma of curry in the hotel we went to,was killing my patience. Finally the Nagpur Special Chicken with “Savaji Curry” was right in front of me! The hot spicy and yummy speciality of Nagpur…! I can still feel the taste of it!

Possibly the spiciest food I have ever tasted!

I had to finish all this in half an hour. I did it. Haha! This Savaji Curry is made up of home made spices. A community with the name ‘Savaji’ use to make this currey and that is how it got its’ name.Later, this curry became the identity of Nagpur. Even today, the cooks of most of the hotels belong to this community!

Finally I had to rush to catch the bus. The bus operator was so scared that he called me 4 times in 20 minutes. Finally at sharp 20.29 hours, I boarded the bus. This time it was a sleeper coach bus with tons of amenities.

My Berth in the bus!

A tv screen with lots of movie for each berth. Curtains for privacy blanket to save yourself from AC. It was like a business class of the bus! After watching movies till 2.00 hours I finally fall asleep. But the road was so good that it constantly reminding me about the spicy food I had sometime ago. I booked the last berth, so with every twist in the road was giving the feel of roller coaster. The only good thing was that, it had a supportive bars on the corner of the berth. Otherwise, The the people should have fractured their bones for sure. Haha!

The bus I was traveling in!

In the end Nagpur was a great experience. It was exciting from the first minute. Whether the incident about the girl or the winter of Nagpur., From the Zero mile stone to Savaji Curry, it was fantastic!!I am eagerly looking forward to visit Nagpur again, soon!!

Life is nothing without new experiences..! 

Travelling is the easiest way to grab first hand experiences, learn and above all enjoy to collect unforgettable memories to tell it all to the next generations!! Truly,Experiences make life Memorable!

Special Thanks to my dearest friend “Prof. Sanmit Sarkar” for editing this blog and convert it into the best one!

It’s all about getting that Favourite & Perfect seat 

It was 5.25hrs of a chilly winter morning. I reached Bus stand. It was still dark and most of the buses were taking rest while some others were at platform and getting ready to start the day…! Well, the bus which I wanted to board was at platform, totally empty! I lined up in a que, waiting for the Conductor to arrive at the counter and Distribute tickets. I was second in the line and wanted to board the bus first. Ofcourse to get that seat in the driver’s cabin. (I have mentioned my love for that seat in one of my previous blog 😜)

My Target: That 40 No. Seat… Source: MSRTC website

This time I was heading south towards Kolhapur. I had a very tight schedule and also had to return back on the same day. Pune to Kolhapur distance is 240Kms and it takes atleast 4.5 hours. I needed to reach the destination by 10.00hrs.
MSRTC runs the non stop semi luxury buses also knows as Hirkani or Asiad on this route. Its without Conductor, so you need to buy the ticket at counter and then board the bus. As I got the ticket, I rushed toward the bus to grab that seat and yes, this time it was quite easy. Whoo..! Perfect start for the day..!

Hirkani Bus… Credits: Original Photographer

The scheduled departure of the bus was 5.30hrs but actually we started our journey on 5.50hrs. Yayyy…! It was so cold, that every window of the bus was closed except that one of driver’s. Sweaters were on! Bus was getting the momentum so as the sleep of the passengers…! I was able to hear some terryfying noises of snoring..! ( Even from the Driver’s cabin) Hahaha it reminded me of my uncle! Ohh my god I was feeling like at Home… 😂😂😂😂😂

Sun was yet to rise. So It was time for me take out my phone and capture the colourful Shades of Sky…( Usually my phone is fully charged at the start of the day). Everything was perfectly set!

Shades of Morning…!
Magic of Shadows, Sunlight and Mountains…!
Early Morning NH4…!

It was really cold. Even I closed the window of my side. I was feeling the chilled weather. My hands were cold and I was not feeling them at all.. It took almost two glass of tea to get back my body to normal. Clean air, fantastic views and traffic less highway allowed me to complete my journey in exact 4 hours…

Whooo! Awesome journey indeed. Now whatever happiness and positive energy I earned from this journey, I needed to transfer it into my work.. as I got off the bus my mind suddenly diverted from NH4 to Meeting 1… 😂

All my meeting were in the outskirts of Kolhapur District! It was difficult to complete them with the help of ST. Thanks to my Sir who was there with his Honda City. Really, his car brought a lot of efficiency and saved time.

Kolhapur is dominated with sugarcane farming. Sugarcane fields on the both side of roads. I was on these routes almost after 10 years. So it was kind of nostalgic. From a four lane national.highway, I was thrown at a normal 2 lane road. Luckily, the suspension of Honda City was really good… 😜 First meeting was at Panhala, nearly 35 kms. From Highway. And we were on time.

A view from Car Window at Panhala Fort Road…!
Fortification wall of Mighty Panhala Fort…
A lake nearby…!

After this western most side of the District we were now heading towards Jaysingpur, the eastermost part of the Kolhapur District. We again took the same road. Came at Warana Nagar. A big commercial centre, with College Campuses, a big Milk Production Dairy and well planned clean roads. Then finally after travelling for 60 more kms. We were at our 2nd meeting at Atigre..! And finally at 3.30 we ended up with our third meeting of the day and the work for the day was finished on Schedule.

Now we were hungry. So much! ” पोटात कावळे किंवा तत्सम म्हणींमध्ये आढळणारे सर्व प्राणी हलकल्लोळ माजवून ओरडून पार वैकुंठवासी सुद्धा झाले ”

If You are travelling on Sangali- Kolhapur road then always remember, 90% hotels on this road are only opened during evening. So if you have planned to travel on this route at afternoon time, then make sure that you have enough food with you..! 

After travelling for 14kms on road towards Kolhapur, and enquiring almost over 10 hotels finally a Dhaba, totally Punjab style named Sardar dhaba was open. We sat down on the Khatiya and ordered some chicken with spicy Tambda – Pandhara Rassa. The food was yum… It was 16.00hrs. however we were ontime as per we planned but we were really late for lunch.

My Sir dropped me at Hatkanangale bus stand, and I caught a bus to Kolhapur city. 26kms. I slept for those whole 26 kms. A little nap was refreshing. At Kolhapur stand, I had the Evening tea and felt it was essential to get back in life. Cause I still needed to cover a 240 Kms journey back to Pune.

I thought there will be no rush as it was friday evening. But surprisingly it was terribly crowded. And it was one & only bad sursprise of the day. Between 17.30hrs to 18.00hrs 3 Hirkani buses were made available on this route which controlled the crowd. I was soo tired that I had no energy what so ever to Rush the bus in that crowd and get the seat! So I decided that I will go for a private luxury bus. But most of those were left and next buses were on 20.00 hrs. So what is the option??????


My mind lighten up with the answer. Whoo. And controller told me that the next Shivneri was on 18.00 hrs. I took round of depot bus I didn’t found a single Shivneri. What the hell??? Is it on 18.00hrs or controller lied to me? Then suddenly a blue Scania entered in bus stand that too straightly from Pune. There were so confusion all around. So finally after a lot of chaos, Shivneri came to platform.

Shivneri… Credits: Original Photographer

Because of higher rates very few people turned to board the Shivneri.  It was a Scania Metrolink Bus.. At this moment I took all the energy which I had to board the bus. I just didn’t cared about anyone else, and boarded the bus first. Ofcourse to get the favourite seat..! Front row left Side window seat..! Yayyy…! I did it again…! 

Only 16 passengers turned to Shivneri. However other buses also managed to control the rush. I needed to travel in some comfort.  level of my tiredness was near to infinity…

After controlling that rush, the Conductor came to distribute tickets. He was used to the rates of Hirkani buses. So at first as per his habit he shouted the ” the ticket is 336 rs.” Listening to this everybody gone mad with happiness… And later on he corrected himself ” अहो सॉरी 646 ₹ आहे तिकीट. आम्हाला त्या हिरकणी ची सवय  झालीये ना, त्यामुळे  हे असं होतंय. हि गाडी आजपासून नवीन सूरु झालीये ह्या रूट वर” 
This was the first trip of this bus on the route and I consider myself lucky to board the bus on its inaugural trip.. haha..😂 with New bus came new driver who had no idea of routes inside the city. Ofcourse this bus also dont have conductor onboard. So that controller / conductor told us to co operate with the driver and asked people to show him the road.

I stood up spontaneously and told him that I knew the road and I will become his GPS… Controller laughed and told me to guide him. And later on that surprising words of controller made me go mad, as he said to “come and sit at that seat in the Main Door.” These drivers dont allow anybody to seat over there. I jumped out of my first row seat to grab that Main Door Seat, Which is usually a Conductor seat… (Unofficially I became the conductor off that shivneri for next 5 hours, and I was enjoying this new temporary role) . Whooooo, a dream came true…!

“A” letter shows the exact position of that dream seat at the Main Door… Layout Credits: redbus.in

Journey started..! I helped driver to reach highway. The human GPS was doing his job superbly. Finally we hit the highway. And the experience of seating in that seat was unbelievably awesome. What a view I was getting .

I was so happy that and I was getting mad, really!!! I started Capturing photos of highway, clicking selfies. Talking to driver. I was behaving like a kid. My tiredness was gone…! It was fantastic feeling..! I was messaging my friends about it.! And this madness was noticed by some fellow passengers too and were smiling looking at me. But who cares..! I forgot all my tensions, sorrows everything. It was pure moments of Euphoria..! Its just a small thing or a big achievement , I dont know! I mean for 90% of people they won’t even imagine seating at that seat.. But I was on that seat and enjoying it.. 😜😎 for me it was the starting of one of the most memorable journey..!

Selfie at the favourite seat…!
Digital Board from Inside…!
A view of highway from My Seat…!
NH 4/ AH17/ NH48
Traffic at Tasawade Toll Plaza…!
Dashboards and Controls..!
3 Famous Stars of Orion Constellation..!

I decided that I am going back to my first row seat because however, I have never travelled on that first row seat too! So as we crossed Satara, I got back to first row seat. ( My mobile battery was also getting drained and needed to charge and charging plug was at first row seat)

View from the window of first row seat!
Dont Know What’s that truck is carrying..! 😂😂😂😂😂
light at toll plaza gave me a chance to click the Driver’s controls from my seat..!

By all means this day 23rd December 2016 was one of the memorable day of my life. I travelled for almost 650kms and Attended 3 meetings.

Well, both ways I got my favourite seat everything gone according to me. Nothing went wrong! Very few times things go as smoothly as we want.! I don’t know how this happened… But yes this day taught one thing that be happy with the small things happening around..! Experience new thing everytime you travel! I have been traveling continuously for last two weeks carrying the tensions and burdens of the office. But these small things and new experiences are so valuable that it made me forget all the tensions and gave so much Positive Energy..! Sitting at that seat in the main door, in the dark, gave me a chance to just calm down a liitle and thank god for whatever I have..! It gave me so much that I can’t even express in words..! May be that is why they say that ” traveling have the power to change your life”

I love Traveling alone and with each journey, my bag of experiences is getting richer and richer..! Now I am eager to experience Some specific kind of beautiful experiences..! 😜 But one thing for Sure, In the future I will definitely have some stories to tell. To my children’s and grandchildren..!

Thats why I will always say…

Its all about getting that favourite and Perfect seat…! 😂